after surgery diary #6

Yesterday I saw the orthodontist. He was very happy with the results from the surgery but… BUT! … he made me wear elastics on my braces to better close my bite on the sides. AND I HATE THIS THING! I hate it like a child hates orthopaedic shoes. I bought myself nice, expensive shampoo and […]


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after surgery diary #5

Trauma is always there. I put it to sleep with work. Work, especially if it’s something I have to do out of obligation to someone else always keeps trauma at bay. I tune it out with mindless scrolling. Oh, sometimes my mind completely checks out while I fumble through pins or shorts. Hours go by […]

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after surgery diary #4

It’s been a week since I’ve been discharged from the hospital. Today I’ve done one thing. I went to a follow-up visit with the consultant who operated on me. He was very happy – though, he always looks happy – about my healing. My X-rays looked great. The alignment of my jaws is spot on. […]

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After surgery diary #3

Random thoughts (because today I ache a little less) 30 mg codeine + 1 gr paracetamol every 6h (4 times a day) 20ml liquid Ibuprofen every 8h, if needed (always needed) Special mouthwash to use at least twice a day. Lucky me I already own things like: And my cat looks like this Note: The […]

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After surgery diary #2

This is day number 3. The first morning after my surgery I woke up to my new inflated face and a period starting 8 days earlier than expected. “Thanks!” I said to that little bitch that is my uterus. “Oh, don’t even mention it! – she replied with fake concern – It is really important […]

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