The room is empty but for a woman and a little girl. They look similar to one another, sitting opposite each other at the breakfast table. The girl dunks thin biscuits paired two by two into a ceramic bowl filled with piping hot milk and then eats them with milk dropping on her fingers. If […]


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From time to time, I suddenly feel calm. I’m not used to it, so it is accompanied by a sense of strangeness. Because to me, it’s an oddity to feel calm. During these brief and unexpected moments, I feel like I’m meeting a shadow part of myself that usually, I don’t express. Maybe I should […]


A street

Sarah needed some fresh air. New Year’s eve at Niles’ home had been fun, warm, and filled with laughers and silly dances at the tavern kitchenette and around the dinner table, but now she needed some fresher air. Inside it smelt of sausages, lentils, panettone, cheap prosecco, sugary female perfumes, and improbable male colognes because […]

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The air was stuffy inside the real estate agent’s car, and the poor little man looked a little desperate. Lucia felt pity for him. He had spent half a day driving her and Goria up and down Milan in the rain to no avail. One flat was too expensive for Lucia’s pockets, the other one […]

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