HMRC Phone Scam

Hy guys, how are you all? This post is about an attemped phone scam at my expense. Here I share with you the contents of a letter I sent to the anti-phishing service of the HMRC. HMRC stays for Her Majesty Revenue and Customs. (UK’s taxes guys). <<Dear Sir/Madam, I’d like to report a suspicious […]

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Permission to fail

Sometimes I’d like to just open a notebook or a word processor and write for hours until the day ends. I’ve done it once. I did it to complete my first novel, which was a silent indie publishing failure, but a blessing to write. Writing it I found the flow. I did not think about […]

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New year, new route

Hello everybody! As this hopefull new yars starts, I’ll stir the course of this blog to something that I only mentioned in passing and that it’s stated in my bio with no further explanation: my involvement in the (indie) video game industry. In 2021, I will discuss what I did in the past, as well […]

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The making of a lady

I want 2021 to be a journey of discovery, and I’d like to share my findings with you. I’d like to shed a more positive light on this age of transition from adulthood to silver-foxy-tude. I want to journal the making of a lady after so many have chronicled the building of girls.

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What is happening now

On Sunday the 20th, London and almost all of the UK South-East went into Tier 4. What now? Well, for my husband and I this doesn’t change much. We weren’t going out much anyway. One of us suffers from mild asthma, the second one does not like the idea of infecting the first. But, as […]

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