CCC: casual cooking with cheese

Ricetta veloce e solare con: peperoni, patate, zucchine, 1 cipolla e del buon pecorino toscano ancora giovane. Si tagliano tutte le verdure dentro una teglia bassa e si inforna, si condisce e poi si guarnisce gli ultimi 5 minuti con fette di formaggio e una pioggerella di erba cipollina 😉

Beauty(case) and the Beast


Last evening I didn’t know what to cook for dinner, it was quite late and my Bear would come home hungry within 40 minutes. So I opened the fridge looking for a little comfort and I found my eternal love: vegetables! They are so versatile, colorful, juicy and healthy and they fill your little belly without making you fatter 😉

Meanwhile, I know that my Bear could not be satisfied with a simple basket of raw carrots and zucchini and I found my salvation with my torrid milky passion: CHEESE! Ok, cheese is not light as vegetables, and not so colored and not so healthy… but it is so damn good and versatile. Italy has about 400 different types of cheese and I know I can love almost all of them. Last night my love went to a big piece of young pecorino toscano.


Then my decision was taken: grilled vegetables with topping…

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