October: pumpkin time!

Sliced pumpking, Grana Padano, bread crumbs, oil, salt&pepper, rosemary for 60 minutes in the oven at 180° Celsius


Cut and clean your pumpking with a sharp knife. Made it into thin slices and put them in a large and flat baking tray, using maybe a sheet of wax paper. Pre-heat the oven at 200° Celsius.

Made one layer of sliced pumpking, put some oil and salt&pepper, then made a layer of grated Grana Padano, bread crumbs and dried rosemary, all mixed together. Finish with a layer of Grana, bread and rosemary. Put the tray in the oven at 180° Celsius covered with aluminum foil for about 50 minutes and remove the aluminum foil for the last 10 minutes, to let the Grana and the bread made a nice crusty cover 😉

The result


Serve it hot!



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