A brand new path – day 1


Sometimes, be happy is something you have to put on a to-do-list.

We have to remember the good things you’ve done and the good people who cares for you. You have to establish new goals to acheave and remember how good was the time spent walking the path to reach the old ones. We, my man and I, have dediced to leave Italy, no. That’s no correct. We have decided to go do England. It isn’t a scuttle. We are not on the run. Maybe it is another piece of the massive brain drain wich Italy is experiencing these days? Yes, it is.

But, I don’t want to look back in anger. I’m looking forward to my future Step one: establish a new routine of happines.

Something like this:

– workout as much as you can (at least, 4 times a week)

– do something nice for my man or for our house every day

– post an entry on my blog to share the positive (and, meanwhile, ponder about it 😉 ) every day

– face Miss Fear every day; tell her how nice is her new haircut and than, let her go

Let me check my to-do-list:
– workout: done
– something nice: done (the flowers 😉 )
– post a new entry: on the go
– face Miss Fear: ready!

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