My cat thinks I’m boring


Don’t let him cheat you. Our big black cat, Mario isn’t asleep at all. He is waiting his chance to attack my hands.  He loves to play with them: scratching my skin with his long claws and biting my flabby fingers with his sharp fangs while I sit on the couch watching TV. It’s such a funny game for him that he can’t understand why I hide my hands. In the morning, he can’t understand why I go in and out from the kitchen and don’t let him attack my legs. It’s so funnfy! Then, after many many attemps to make some funny game, apparently, he surrends, take a sit above one of the puff in front of the couch and close his eyes. Most of the times he close ONE of his eyes and… wait.


2 thoughts on “My cat thinks I’m boring

  1. TADS says:

    come dire… un adorabile stress,
    di quelli che se non ci fossero creerebbero vuoti 😉

    complimenti per la vena espressiva in cerca di originalità


    • Nina Trema says:

      Grazie Tads, speriamo di trovarle una strada. Quanto a Mariolone Miagolone Svuotolino Pupulone (il nome completo di Sua Maestà il gatto di casa) da quando c’è mi domando come facessi prima senza di lui. Beh, facevo male.

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