Three goals for one year

Recently I discovered the marvellous world of self-improvement guides. I know it has been out there in the vast world for some time, but I sincerely never gave to it my attention since the last week, when I run across an article about a winning morning routine (you can read the whole article here).

I started to follow that routine as it was a joke and, since it gave some useful results, I decided to go deeper. Apparently, the first step of every self-improvement path is to establish a list of goals, set a deadline for each goal and share your purpose. So here are the goals I want to achieve within one year from now.

Within one year from now I want to:

  • publish a book
  • be truly fit
  • be a more seductive person

I will be more specific about these three goals proceeding with the new posts and journal my personal experience within self-help literature and methods while testing them, to you amusement and education. I will split my experience into three main categories:

  • Improving –> general approach
  • Getting fit –> about workout strategies
  • A wardrobe game –> style, makeup, fashion

Ok, now my goals are down in black and white. Step one: done. I hope you will pass here from time to time to see how is it going. In the meanwhile, thanks for your time.


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