The gratefulness promise

One week ago I published a post about an exercise of positive thinking I was going to do, with the promise to update the results once a week. The exercise was the now famous gratitude list. You know: writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for every night. You can read an extensive explanation in my previous post: To keep a promise.

How did it go? Not so well, for two reasons.

  1. Timing: I am not at my best in the evening and compiling the list felt like just another task to perform before I could finally go to bed and rest.
  2. Lack of interaction: 3 years ago I did for some time the same exercise, sharing the list with my friends on Facebook and it felt more powerful.

Therefore starting from today I will write down my gratitude list in the late morning and post it on my Facebook wall, to share it with family and friends.

If you are interested, out there you can find a lot of articles about how to: improve your list, boost your list, change your life through your gratitude list. If I may, I suggest you to start with the basics and then see what might work best for you. In the meanwhile, thanks for your time.



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