Good advices and consequences

This post goes under all the 3 new categories of the blog: Improving, Getting fit and A wardrobe Game.

It all started with a list of good advices for starting the day with the right focus and energy. I found it on Medium, the author is the Benjamin Hardy. You can find the nice article here. As usual, I tried it as it was written for a week and then adjusted to better suit me.

A short recap of the 8 things to do before 08.00 am:

  1. a 7 hours sleep
  2. prayer and meditation
  3.  hard physical activity
  4. consume 30 gr of protein
  5. take a cold shower
  6. listen to uplifting content
  7. review your life vision
  8. do at list one thing towards long-term goals.

What are the results?

Some of the points had a good outcome, others were life changing.

Life changing points from the list:

The cold shower –> oh my glob!

I have always been a sort of reptile, incapable of keeping a stable temperature and always freezing, but I tried the cold shower anyway and it was breathtaking. I mean, literally and metaphorically. You know, the first morning I tried the hard way: I filled the bathtub and immersed myself. I thought to be not enough brave to have a cold shower. I thought: “I can’t escape from the bathtub as easily”.

At first my body thought the Jack Dawson’s moment had arrived. But my heart felt like going on (and on) and I laughed the most joyful laugh of my life. Pure sheer joy. Though the titanic experience, the day after I simply took a shower. It was great. It started an addiction. After two weeks of cold showers:

  • I am less sensitive to cold temperatures
  • My body is generally warmer
  • My skins has improved its thickness
  • I can’t stand no more too hot water
  • I have more energy all the day long

Hard physical activity –> exercising everyday

I had done some fitness activity before. I lifted weights. I went to gym classes. I tried to run. Nothing had been so life changing as some easy muscular and yoga exercises done every single day. I have this old Wii, complete with its Balance Board and the Wii Fit plus disc and I play it everyday. It’s not a hard physical activity, I must admit it. But it is constant and I constantly I increasing the level. I am going to buy some ankle weights.

Prayer and meditation + review your life vision –> yoga

The easy yoga exercises of the Wii Fit program are helping me:

  • building a more solid balance
  • being in general more “aware”
  • visualizing the day to come

I am not a religious person and I didn’t find yet my way to meditation. I will keep you updated about it. Further, I didn’t had for breakfast 30 grams of protein. I discovered porridge, though. Does it count?

I did not mention the 7 hours sleep because I always sleep at least 7 hours. Otherwise I simply don’t function. Also, I don’t listen to uplifting content. I can’t listen to books, I must read them. Unless you are talking about Elizabeth Gilbert. I fall in love with her voice listening her non fictional book “Big Magic”. It’s like listening to a friend. I think I am going to listen that book over and over while working on some of my twisted tales. So, here were the results.

Why do I think the post belongs also to the categories: Getting fit and A wardrobe game? For Getting fit, I think the reason it’s clear: the everyday exercise and the yoga. The category A wardrobe game is more nuanced that what her name might suggest. It regards my struggle to become more sensual and I think that the cold showers, the better skin and the yoga are doing their work towards this goal. But I am going to stay more on topic next time, reviewing some perfumes. Meanwhile, thank you for your time and Happy Easter/Spring!

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