Making my own public mask

Along the process of self discovering I am going through, I was seduced by the general idea of reduce my belongings, starting with my clothes, cosmetics and fashion jewelry. After a strong cut at my wardrobe and my trinkets, about ten months ago, now the moment has come for my cosmetics.

Guided by the principles of the colour analysis, combined with Marie Kondo “spark of joy”, I am going to keep and to buy only what suits me and gives me joy. Surely I don’t go crazy for cosmetics: all that I chose to keep stays in a small box and the shopping list names half a dozen items.

What I am going to buy:

  • foundation:  a mini size of neutral and a mini size of pink mineral foundation
  • blush: a mini size of a deep cool pink mineral blush
  • eyeshadow: a palette of four colours, which includes taupe grey, dove grey, violet grey and black
  •  mascara: liquid black mascara
  • face powder: nude mineral powder, the most light-weighted and translucent I found
  • brush: large kabuki brush cruelty free

What I kept:

  • eyeshadow: a mineral nocturnal grey powder with coloured glitter
  • eyeshadow: a mineral greyish green with with mauve shimmers
  • eye pencil: navy
  • lip pencil: shiseido siren red, RD305
  • lipstick: sisley L25 (it has no shade name, but is a full red with blue undertones)
  • tweezers
  • brush: angled brush for eyeshadows and brows
  • brush: small brush for eyeshadows
  • brush: kabuki brush cruelty free

I kept so little and I am going to buy so little because I don’t want or need too many flashy colours on my oval face. Because I don’t like the concept or the results of contouring. Because, though I appreciate the work of some makeup artists I’m not one of them, nor I want to become.

But above all, I need so little because I am in love with my lipstick.

I wore L25 for the first time at my wedding and I knew it was the one. I want no other lipstick but that one, for better or for worse, til decency do us parts. I can build my entire toned winter look around my cool red lipstick. Together with my large geeky glasses and long brown hair, it will be the signature of my persona.

And you? Do you love makeup? Do you like to change style often or you can’t bother less? Use the comment box below to talk about yourself. Meanwhile thank you for your time.


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