Good intentions Vs. actual actions

The problem with good intentions, out of their great quality as floor tiles along the way to hell, is that we set their implementation in the future. The future really is a land of wonder. There you can find Tomorrow Land, Monday County, Nex Week Galaxy and the vast Nex Year Universe.

Being a frequent traveller of the Monday County, last Saturday night I was filling my suitcase when I ask myself, rather bored: “what if I’ll start ten hours from now?”

The proposition sounded so unconventional that I accepted it straight away. Since I needed fewer excuses and no guilt, I stopped packing and I set the alarm clock at 08.00 am. The nex day, Sunday, I woke up at 08.00 as expected and felt a little stupid, but I listened to a guided meditation and started my day anyway.  I chose a new Wii fit routine, I followed it and had a cold shower, after a long scented bath. At 10.30 am I felt a little less stupid and a lot more proud.

My short-term goal is to exercise for 10 mornings in a row, but the real goal, which I plan to achieve within 11 months, is:

  • be truly fit

Even though any self-improvement manual or life-coach cannot stress enough the importance to set measurable goals, I still can’t find a system that suits me to measure the concept I expressed above. To me be truly fit has meant, for a long time, to have a lean body with some muscle clearly visible. But now I know that is not enough. To be fit also means to be healthy and have some stamina. How can I measure that?

I still have to find a way which allows me to run at the park without injuring myself, so running a marathon is not really my piece of cake. Two weeks ago a crick in the neck caused a painful throwback in my entire schedule. The month before a nasty sinusitis stopped me for almost a week. Maybe I should buy better runner clothing and don’t mind potential injuries, but what I really miss is lifting. Too bad the gym is a little too far for my bicycle. Ok, let’s set up the next short-term goals:

  • 20 days in a row home exercises (29/04 – 18/05)
  • ride the bicycle once a day adding half a mile every week for at least 6 weeks.
  • go to the gym by bicycle

My glob, what have I done?  You see, it’s not a list of good intentions. It is a list of goals, or better said, a plan to implement and now that it is out there I cannot retreat it. This is what I am actually going to do, starting this afternoon after my daily writings. And you? Are you setting your goals and making your plans? Are you sticking to them?

In the meanwhile, thank you for your time.

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