Under pressure

I don’t remember if I have already talked about this in my blog, but I have some sort of digestive disorder. I have finally talked to a doctor about this problem around three months ago and my physician prescribed some medication to calm down my spasms. I don’t have a degenerative illness, it’s not a tumour and I am not celiac, but sometimes my guts hurt as hell. I digest just fine. I don’t have constipation. I don’t have its nemesis. But I do have terrible cramps in my belly and for a period of time, back in Italy, it happened almost every single day.

Why does it happen? That’s a good question and if anyone in the public has a definitive answer I am here to listen. The spasms are triggered by a mixture of things:

  • I am a very anxious person;
  • I had some bad eating habits;
  • apparently, I had some bad clothing habits;
  • stress, because stress is a real jerk.

While I am trying to improve myself to be the person I want to be and to live a life that makes me happy, I am also trying to suffer a little less. It’s a game of trial and error.

So far I figured out that:

  • meditation is overall helping me being more relaxed;
  • I stopped chewing gum and the spasms have stopped almost completely. I told that to my physician and he thinks that gum stimulates too much the digestive system as much as it makes me swallow a lot of air;
  • eating too fast is a really bad habit and it’s worse if, like me, you can’t breathe well with  your nose and have always to use both your nose and your mouth. As with the chewing gum, the major problem with that is that I swallow a lot of air.
  • I must stop wearing too tight trousers for too much time. Ladies know what I am talking about.
  • I must learn to let it go. I must let go about what others might think of me because of my writing. I must let go of what others might think about an almost forty years old woman wearing mini skirts or leggings or Disney’s tee shirts, or bold red lipstick or long hair or whatever makes me smile at my reflection in the mirror.

And you? Did you, unfortunately, experimented similar issues? Have you a physical manifestation of the need to breath more and care less (about bullshit)? Are you already singing: “When will my reflection show, who I am, inside“? You should. In the meantime, thanks for your very precious time and have a superb day.

One thought on “Under pressure

  1. marushkasplace says:

    Have you had GI studies kike endoscopy? What about food allergies and sensitivities. Lots of people try elimination diets which might help. Hope you find the answers you need.

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