Thursday’s child

Just to be honest, I was born on Monday.

I used to weekly summarise my progress in my self-improving path on every Wednesday but, since I decided that I need to write more, I prefer to let Wednesdays to The Charming Cookie Jar and move this recap to Thursday. Also, I really love Thursday’s Child by  David Bowie and it makes me feel so cool listening to it while I am writing my post.

So, today marks my second month of mindfulness. What has changed so far? Not so much on the outside, but a lot on the inside.

On the outside:

  • still following my morning routine;
  • still struggling to not spend my mornings on social media or browsing the web;
  • still struggling to find a good afternoon routine that gives me free time to take a walk or go to the library.
  • I created a wall of goals, which for me is more a wall of notes and inspirational quotes.
  • I have more than 50 new followers on Ninatrema and 10 all brand new followers on The Charming Cookie Jar! By the way, I love you guys. Keep on following, you’re going to read more and more in the weeks to come.
  • I opened a Twitter account @NinaT76 and started to talk to a lot of strangers.
  • My routine and my new, more positive, mindset allow me to work more, to work better. So I decided to post here on every Monday and Thursday and to post a new story  or illustration on The Charming Cookie Jar on every Wednesday and Friday.

On the inside:

  • clouds of negative thoughts have been spotted moving far away from me. The time before bed, my moment of greater grumpiness is now a nice moment to cuddle with my husband or to practice meditation while he reads beside me.
  • I am more relaxed, open and happy in general. I am more prone trying new things.
  • I am experiencing sudden epiphanies, about my past, my relation with my parents, my day by day reactions and relationships.
  • I am experiencing a new feeling of affectionate coolness towards a totality of past and present personal issues. Actually, I don’t know how to be more specific. It’s like watching things happen to someone that is not me, but to someone that I like and comprehend.
More or less this is all. I think that most of the internal changes are caused by meditation and by the positive results of pure simple work. When you actually move and do stuff, you can’t avoid feeling better about yourself. At the same time, meditation is helping me to frame things and not being overwhelmed by fear and passing thoughts.
And you? Would you like to share what are you doing to feel better and improve your day-by-day happiness? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day.

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