Moderate Monday

I feel just a little bit sorry for The Bangles, but this to me feels like the opposite of a Manic Monday. This morning phone alarm went off at 06.00 o’clock but I was already looking into my cat’s moody eyes, trying to understand if he wanted to cuddle or to bite. In fact, I woke up at 05.54, in a rather good mood. This morning I was waiting for a delivery and wanted to be ready soon. I like to have all the time to do things calmly and I don’t regret the hours of sleep lost in exchange for that peace of mind.

By the 08.00 I had already:

  • done my fitness routine,
  • had a cold shower,
  • fed the cat,
  • written the daily gratitude list,
  • eaten breakfast,
  • done the bed.

I still have to meditate. It turned out that if you want to chek less your smartphone, using an app on that smartphone to meditate it’s a little dumb. I should find another way. Using the meditation app is just great to keep track of my progress, motivate me and gain new clarity in the afternoon, after the lunch break, but it disrupts any intention I have to be less social-dependent. At this point of my social detoxification, any action that makes me check my phone triggers the desire to check Instagram or WordPress or even Tumblr. At least, my love story with Facebook it’s over.

Since I am not an expert on this subject and I need a guide meditating, I searched out the help of Saint Google and found three websites that look promising. They offer free meditation scripts, which I intend to print and learn by heart.

Here is a list of links you can check:

I also found an e-book by Canadian Dharma teacher Doug Duncan, which seems to be interesting. The title is Dharma If You Dare: Living Life With Abandon. Since I am a control freak, I downloaded a free sample. I am willing to give you a review of the sample and of the e-book as well if I’ll end up buying it.

Now I am here, focused on the daily goal to write 1000 words. And you? What are you doing on this morning Monday? How are you doing? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.


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