Trying new things: Skillshare

Looking for new things to try and new skills to learn, I bumped into this interesting learning community for creators, called Skillshare. Since I am not interested in adding qualifications to my CV but in learning new practices from industry experts, I found it suited me. I already completed a short course about productivity and I am here to share the two boards of my personal project to encourage whoever might be on a similar path and to summarise the actions I took since the failure I told you about the past week.




And you? Have you attended some course recently? Did you find the life-hacks that work for you? Please, tell me about it in the comments. In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time and have a terrific new week.


5 thoughts on “Trying new things: Skillshare

  1. CommonSenseTom says:

    The use of an alarm clock to tell you when it’s time to sleep is a brilliant idea! Your other accomplishments will also lead to a better quality of life. Since you asked about what works for me… maintaining mealtimes / sleep cycles at the same time each day keeps everything else in order. Some of my best meditation occurs while taking long walks through the Michigan wilderness. I’ve also been spending far less time at WordPress than before.

  2. Nina Trema says:

    Oh thank you, Tom 🙂 and thank you for leaving a comment! 🙂
    I found that for me as well it is very important to eat, sleep and go to bed always at the same time of the day. I envy you a little for your mindful walks in the wilderness. I still have to discover the best footpaths here in Guildford, but I hope to be able to do it in the summer. And, just as you said… yes, more serenity often translates into less social media activity 😉

  3. Iloenchen says:

    I love the idea of using an alarm clock to tell you when you need to go to bed. I should definitely do that! Every morning, I hate myself for having gone to bed too late. That could be a way of changing my habits.
    I haven’t taken any classes on Skillshare yet but I’m trying my hands on being a teacher there ( – it’s where I’m going to record my journey of teaching a class). I love how it’s open to everyone and I think I’m going to make the class you mentioned my first one. Thank you for sharing the link with me!

    • Nina Trema says:

      Hi, Ilona 🙂 thank you for sharing the link to your new blog. At this moment, I am a follower of both your blogs. Waiting to read about your teaching experience on Skillshare, I hope you’ll find the trick of the alarm to go to bed useful. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Iloenchen says:

        I’ve already set my alarm to 9:30pm tonight. I need to sleep a bit earlier today since I’m ridiculously tired. 🙂 Thanks for following my blogs! Before I go to bed, my goal is to publish another post about Skillshare so I need to hurry now.

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