Personal uniform: a case history

Among the vast rank of people willingly teaching you how to live your life – in a more intense, productive, successfully and happy way – a good slice of them focus their efforts on organising the wardrobe and, among them, the new hot trend says: personal uniform.

I know, they also talk about Capsule Wardrobes, but that’s not the real deal. I mean, where’s the challenge if you can change your clothes from season to season or, even worse, from occasion to occasion? You are not avoiding consumerism by scheduling your purchases, you are only organising your addiction to fashion through and addiction to planning. There’s no harm in that, at least you can buy with more awareness, but I know that, in my peculiar case, the noise would not stop. If I really want to make a change and silence the need to please fashion expectations, I have to go for the real deal, a personal uniform. And to me a true personal uniform is not an accomplishment in style, it is the gimmick of a really busy person. Even when it is put together by a stylist. But let’s try to focus on the real personal uniform icons: the nerds.

I love nerds. I married one. And I am, in my personal and peculiar way, a nerd. The special nerd that conquered my heart went through 3 style phases: a kid (my mother put these clothes on my bed, better wear them), the heavy metal player (I like heavy metal, so… black I guess?) and the final, the happy nerd. For privacy, I won’t get through his entire wardrobe, wich will be a very short trip,  though, but I’ll present you his style on a mid-season day:

  • a pair of jeans, black or blue
  • a pair of black Reebok classic leather shoes
  • a little canvas crossbody messenger bag
  • a black zipped hoodie jersey
  • one t-shirt out of his 40 colourful themed t-shirts

As you can see, the themed t-shirt is the main piece of his uniform. During winter, a warm heavy jacket full of pockets takes the place of the jersey and of the messenger bag. In the summer, the jersey disappears, but jeans, runners and a t-shirt are always there. While everything else says “I don’t care”, the t-shirt speaks about the man who wears it. I deeply envy the straightforward coherence of my husband’s style. He cares very little about his appearance. He prefers to expose his opinions, interests and life choices. I also envy his resistance to low temperatures, but that’s another story.

And you? Are you experimenting with your look? Did you fall under the spell of minimalism or do you love fashion too much to restrain your choices? Let’s talk about it, but in the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.

4 thoughts on “Personal uniform: a case history

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    I am downsizing my closet to have more of a uniform, than anything else. I want to be able to replace items once they are worn out. I think it will also make getting dressed in the morning easier!

    • Nina Trema says:

      Hello, Zhenya 🙂 and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂
      I think few people are more easily dressed in the morning than my husband, at least when he hasn’t worn out all of his trousers without buying new ones! 😉

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