Personal uniform: discoveries

Surprisingly, this month my attention is dragged into style and clothing matters. After a post about my husband personal uniform as an example of hardcore nerd uniform, last Thursday (Personal uniform: a case history), here I am talking about a slightly different theme. I am not going to examine with you a current personal uniform, but I’d like to present some unexpected changes at my personal style that are surprising me. Sometimes I look at this little changes and it’s like looking at someone else’s choices. I think I need to be more specific to be clear. So, let’s start.

Surprising changes:

  • I cut my hair. I am a long time fan of long hair, for a lot of reasons. Long hair gives me a “feminine vibe” with zero effort, is easy to style, keeps warm my nape, is nice to play with when I am stuck on the passage I am writing, etc etc. Long hair was my Linus blanket. Still I cut it off and now I have a short bob that I plan to keep as messy as I can.
  • Bye-bye skinny pants, welcome shorts. I think I never wore a skirt or a pair of short without heavy pantyhose for two years straight. It’s not a simple style choice. I was willingly hiding my legs. I don’t even remember the reason since I don’t have any visible scar or anything.
  • Colourful harem pants are tempting me. I’ve always been a classic type. First the classic good girl, then the classic nerdy metal lover (wearing band themed t-shirts, some chains but without being a gothic queen), then the classic… not-look-at-me-that-much adult woman.

I don’t know what’s happening to me. I was planning to build my personal uniform and I had a rather clear idea in mind of the final results but know I am not as sure. It seems like the changes that are happening inside of me are bringing to the surface something else. Maybe I’ve always liked bright coloured prints. Maybe my head felt heavy with all that hair. Maybe my legs were praying me to run free under the sun all the time and I didn’t listen. Tell me, something similar has happened or it’s happening to you right now? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.

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