Personal uniform: your true colours

Along the way to create my personal uniform, I met a discipline that  fills blogs and splits the fashion lovers: colour analysis. If you put these two words in your favourite search engine, an entire world will explode on your screen. Here a brief definition of what this discipline is from the site

“Personal colour analysis, or skin tone colour matching, is the process of determining colours of clothing and makeup to match your skin complexion, eye colour, and hair colour and is used to help with wardrobe planning and style consulting”.

Personally, my interest was finding a way to get rid of the colour black. For more than twenty years black has been my main Linus’ blanket. Sometimes I wore black as a choice, sometimes it was the easiest way to put together an outfit, all the times it was the best solution to pass unnoticed. Everybody wears black all the day, in Milan. I think people in Milan complains about the ugly and often deformed dark pigeons that live in the city because they look a lot like its human inhabitants and we don’t want to be aware of it.

With this in mind, I chose to be analysed by an Italian colour expert who uses the 16 seasons system and she designed me as what in Englis is called toned winter or deep soft winter. If I understand well the theory, it means that in the vast ocean of colour, my natural shades are exalted by cool deep colours with a medium contrast and a medium chroma. In simple terms, blue navy suits me. I also look well in every cool shade of grey. Yes, any of the fifty. I could still wear bleak, though I can’t stand it anymore. I can use neutrals as stone, taupe, mauve and the pinkish shades of beige. I can dose the right tones of yellow and wear every kind of deep bluish red. All very interesting, but what counts more for me is that I suddenly embraced the idea of changing my basic colour from black to blue and grey. I felt relieved.

At the present, I am trying to get rid of everything in my wardrobe that is not contemplated in my season palette or, more generally, everything that does not give me a sense of calm and relief. I am also trying to make amend with black because it can be a useful tool to create an outfit.

And you? Did you hear about personal colour analysis? Do you use it to create your outfit? Do you dress in a colourful way or do you prefer a single colour block? How colours make you feel? Please, let me know. In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.

12 thoughts on “Personal uniform: your true colours

  1. hannalaasberg says:

    I guess I’ve heard something about personal colour analysis, but I haven’t use it. I also wear much black, because I think it’s beautiful colour and I’ve understand that it matches well with my dark hair and dark eyes (actually my eyes are grey, but they seem dark). If I were teenager I remember once looking into my closet and realized that I had only black, grey and dark blue clothes. Then there was a time when I dressed very colourful. But now again less and less colours – clothes which are whole white, dark blue (and also blue navy) or brown are my favourites right now. And of course black. This has remained one of my favourite through the time. 🙂

    • Nina Trema says:

      Hi, Hanna, and thanks for your comment 🙂
      I am fond as well of deep colours; in this period, I like blue especially. It happened to me too, when I was around 18 years old, with a coat I used to love. One day I took it out from the wardrobe and realised that it was black. I literally said to my mother: “It’s so long and so black! I don’t know if I still want to use it.” She didn’t even look at me, just replied “told you”, leaving my room 😀

  2. marushkasplace says:

    Very interesting. I went through a flowery phase and one day got rid of everythingvwith fliwers. As I started packing on piunds I added almostcall black. Tried to blend into the background. Now, I am getting better. I like this idea very much. I have learned alot.

  3. Nina Trema says:

    Thank you for your visit, Marushka 🙂 Maybe your “flower phase” was a way to overcome something or a simple celebration of nature. I learn a lot from my personal sudden changed. I hope to see you here again in the future 😉

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