Back to basics: underwear

Along my path to be more true to myself and build a personal uniform, I started to tackle the underwear drawer. In the past, to match my metal-lover outfits, I collected a lot of black underwear: thongs and hold-ups, bras and corsets, panties. But something had always been colourful in my drawers: socks. I have always had a soft spot for polka dots, rhombus, animals, stars and stripes prints on my socks. And I’ve always had a lot of socks. Even in my more gothic queen moments I never abandoned soft cotton socks. My permafrosted feet can’t survive without them.

Socks started my escape from the monothematic blackness of my wardrobe.

One day – thanks to a funny character from a comic strip called InkSpinster and her granny undies – I started to consider printed and colourful panties as well. I started to think that sex appeal should count less than comfort and that, anyway, it should not be based just on black underwear. This thought proved to be a slippery slope and now I own two Disney pyjamas, one Cheshire cat onesie and I am proud of it.

After the purchase of my dear warm onesie, my research for comfort went a little further and recently I bought online a set of fantastic period pants. Ok, now you must think that I when I work from home I look like a post-modern version of Madam Mim, but it does not end here! I also started to question my bras and the need for them to be padded.

Sincerely, why? Why should I wear a sponge armour between me and the world? It did not start as a need to enlarge my bust, on the contrary, I purchased my first padded bra because it was the only model which could fit unseen under a t-shirt. Now that I don’t wear that many t-shirts and that the choices are lots more, I browse the Internet looking for nice, light and colourful bras.

What I am trying to say through my silly example is that, once you start to doubt a paradigm, chances happens out of your plans. I also believe that an outside change in looks is better sustained from a previous underwear change. Try to feel better alone in the privacy of your room. Others don’t need to know. Maybe you didn’t need to know as well. Sorry for that, but thank you for your precious time.

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