Personal and professional

Hello guys, just a short post to acknowledge the changes the blog is going through since I decided to merge my two current websites:

  • Personal: from now on this category will work as my personal blog. I won’t stop posting about self-improvement, meditation, personal uniform and so on. I like too much to discuss these themes with you all to stop doing it. Although, I am probably going to update this category only once a week, on Monday.
  • The Roaming Witch: this second new category will host all the old and the new chapters of a fantasy novel set in Italy in the 90s, which I was posting on The Charming Cookie Jar website. Updates every Wednesday.
  • The Charming Cookie Jar: this new category will host all the old and the new illustrations of the title collection. Yes, I am a writer who’s trying to draw and put together words and images. Behold, people! Updates every Friday.

I hope you all will enjoy the new works. I promise to add new stuff along with the old and I wish to you all a terrific and productive new week. Thank you for your precious time!


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