To dare or not to dare?

I am rather sure that choosing for his book  the title “Dharma if you dare: Living life with Abandon”, the author and Dharma teacher Doug Duncan didn’t mean to scare anybody away from meditation. Nonetheless, I think I got scared and, after reading the sixth chapter, I started to find excuses to avoid meditation and yoga sessions. Furthermore, I stopped reading the book as well.

What have happened? The book was telling me that I was doing good and that I needed to do more. I was on the verge to change for the better and so… I stopped reading the book. In a sense, Duncan sensei is right. You can embrace meditation only if you dare to live with abandon, to let go. Yes, but let go of what? If you dare to let go of what you think you are.

I am one hell of a chicken and so I stopped to meditate and started to scratch the ground of my henhouse once again. But now the ground feels different under my paws and I see that the henhouse walls are not high enough to keep me in. It is up to me to keep on scratching the ground or to open my wings and fly. All I have to do is abandon the idea that I am a chicken. It’s not going to be easy but it might be fun trying.

Brand new action plan:

  • wake up around the raising of the sun and go to the park
  • meditate at the park
  • do at least one yoga position at the park
  • turn back home, take a shower and snuggle to my sleeping husband
  • read one chapter of “Dharma if you dare” at a day
  • take a minute, every day, to appreciate something beautiful about a loved one.

And you? Have you ever been scared to be successful? Did you ever stop your actions because it was going to happen? Because you were really going to change and the idea of not being your “old self” scared you? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time and have a terrific (maybe scaring) week.


3 thoughts on “To dare or not to dare?

    • Nina Trema says:

      Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Here, try this pearl millet. This morning I was so terrified that I did only a half of the things of my new program. It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock and roll) 😉

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