Because I am happy

This morning, after a week of good intentions and bad behaviour, I finally hit the track and started exercising again. I set the alarm clock earlier, I woke up and I did what I have planned. And if felt so well that I was almost about to ask myself: “why did I wait so long?”

But I didn’t. I was too busy running, breathing and singing in my mind. It was beautiful. I was happy. It didn’t matter what I had not done the week before. It did not matter what I was going to do after. It was a perfect moment and I enjoyed it.

I know that this is not a very high step along the stairway to illumination. I should feel happy, serene at any given moment, not because everything outside me is just as I like it. But the moment was good and I wanted just to live it. I know that tomorrow I will wake up and hit the track just hoping to grasp a moment like this, again. And that’s ok. It’s not ok because it is right to take advantage of whatever works to pull me out of bed. It is ok because I want to be happy and sometimes when my body is moving, the music is on and the sky, the sky is simply above me, I fit in the moment and I am happy.

I am sure, you too have experienced a feeling like this. You feel everything flowing through you and you are a part of what is flowing. Great. If you have something that puts you in this state of mind (and does not harm you) do it. Be happy. Flow.

Sorry for the lecture and thank you for your precious time.



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