Courage is a habit

Friday, 12th August, I was forced to take my long neglected bicycle and go out to do an urgent chore. I really didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to take the bike and absolutely didn’t want to go to that particular shop, because is located on a high travelled road and that scares me. But I had to do it and I did it anyway. I carefully choose my way to reach the store from the parking lot, the more quiet side. I took my bicycle and… it was pleasant. Furthermore, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the sun, the fresh air, the feeling of freedom because I had overcome my silly fears. I felt my chest expand to inhale all that freedom and trying to not exhale it. But freedom flows in and out. If you love it, you have to let it go and prepare to gain it again the next day, the next hour, the next moment. In and out, like breath.


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