Good habits are contagious

One of the excuses we make more often with ourselves is: if I transform my daily routine my family won’t be happy! And then we do it and our family is super supportive. Oops!

What was all the fuss about? It was our family that didn’t want the change or it was us?

Since I started drawing my own road (to fulfilment? To fame and success? To happiness? Still trying to understand this part as well.) my husband has been very supportive towards any of my attempts and he never stopped encouraging me to do more. He is my biggest fan and my loudest coach. You know, the kind of coach that drives a car behind the running hero and shouts things like: “that’s all you’ve got? I know it’s not! Push harder, you can do it!

But my husband it’s not the kind of man who watches the action without doing nothing and so, after a family brainstorm, my brand new routine will interact perfectly with his personal brand new routine. He wants to have some space to learn new things and maybe reprise some hold good habits he abandoned since we started living together.

See? Virtue could be contagious just like sin. And you? Have you tried spreading the good vibes in the family? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.



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