An adult fairy tale: Delia speaks English

The subject of this post is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Chapter 0 – Psycaliph

The smoke of the pipe enveloped the studio like a zesty veil and confused the thoughts of Delia, who was laying down on an old sofa covered in plaids and cushions. Each one of the items in the room seemed to come from a different time and place, like the numerous books squeezed in shelves that went along the room. The harsh light of the summer morning was kept away by the thick curtains and at the light of liberty lamp placed on the desk it was impossible to see things accurately, you could see only their suggestion and the mysterious aura that wrapped them.

«What brought you here?»
Asked in a deep voice the doctor, who was sit in an armchair beside the couch where Dalia was laying down. Delia scratched her head.

«Ahem, the same reason anyone comes here… dissatisfaction?»
«Yours is a statement or a question?»

«Doctor, you aren’t helping me – she raised her back and sit on the couch – You don’t give any clue, not even a tiny one…».

The man seemed to sigh. More than from the sound of his breath, Delia deduced this from the shape of the smoke lump she saw coming from his pipe: a long puffed cloud slowly stretching towards the ceiling.

«I am not giving you any suggestions because there isn’t a right answer. There is not such a thing as a model anyone should conform to. I am afraid, Delia, that discovering of your real self is a path you walk alone.»

«And what would be your role in all this?»
«I can be the flame that enlightens your pace, but the road – saying that the smoke lump became a long ribbon spiralling upwards – the road shall be something you’ll decide by yourself, one step at a time».

Delia snorted while thinking about she used to spend her Saturday morning before weird dreams, and sudden cries broke in her life saddening her days. She used to wake up around midday, open the all the windows, change the sheets on her bed and clean her little house.
Once she had filled her nose with the fresh smell of her favourite detergent, she would feel worthy of a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV, watching some romantic comedy DVD she had bought brand-new the previous Thursday evening. She could not do such a chore on any Friday, because Friday night was to spend going out, getting drunk and catching a man. She really loved those romantic stories where the passion is irresistible, and the fate doomed but, out of an on and off relation with one of her former boyfriends, she had never experienced something like that. Getting laid on a Friday night, having an office romance or meeting someone at the gym were nothing like that.
The background was unsuitable for the task. How could a romance be a real love story without a surreal encounter to start it, a terminal illness to vex it, a rivalry to light it or a family feud to forbid it? Her quiet, comfortable day to day life stood in the way of passion, for that reason she was practically forced to shoo away her occasional lovers they could have the chance to fall asleep in her bed.

Chilled by the air conditioning, Delia wrapped herself inside one of the several plaids placed on the doctor’s couch, one that was green and soft like a meadow, and laid down again. She was about doze off, rocked by silence when she had a sudden revelation.
«Doc, I had a super weird dream!»
«Describe it to me.»
«I don’t know… maybe after I told you, you’ll think I’m weird too.»

The mane gave a hint of laughter with his deep voice.
«Well, I suppose it’s a good thing you can’t see me!».

Delia laughed as well and took a deep breath. Her breast stretched the thin cloth of her summer dress and then lowered again.

«Ahem, I was sucking a nice dick, and I felt so happy. It was my first blowjob, and I was thinking only about him. I had licked it all very well, and my lips went up and so smoothly. It was so hot and very hard, and when I liked it on the cap, it shuddered entirely. It was a really nice dick, I felt it filling all my mouth, and then a gal arrived, looking exactly like me and she punched me! Doctor X, what does it mean?»

«What does it mean to you?».

Delia put on a concerned face and thought about it a handful of seconds.
«Who strikes first, it strikes twice?»
«I sense some resentment…»
«But I am always friendly to everyone…».
From the armchair where the doctor had sunk into, popped out only puffs of smoke.

«It’s not that I want to compete with others or that I miss something. I have my job, my girlfriends, a guy every now and then. I shop on Saturday and fuck when I have the chance. Everything is normal. Everything is alright».

Delia peeped beyond her shoulder, but all she saw was the Doctor’s shoes, his linen trousers and a bold curtain of smoke.

«I don’t get these dreams with people that beat me. Dreams are fun things, right? They are moments where you can imagine nice things and sometimes, maybe, you wake up all horny with your heart pumping like a crazy horse… so dicks are welcome but punches are not! What’s inside my head? I’d like to see it».
Saying that, Delia slapped her forehead loudly. But behind her shoulders, the Doctor’s voice called her attention.
«Are you sure? Do you feel ready?».
Full of hopes, Delia raised up her back from the couch and inserted her head inside the fog behind her, coughing.
«You could let me look at what’s inside my head?»
«I could help you penetrate the deepest recess of her mind, of her inner world».
«Then, let’s do it! Let’s do it now! I need to see it with my own eye, I need to feel it within my skin to understand it somehow».

«Ok. But I warn you, embrace yourself! This experience could… but it’s not fair to scare. If you are decided, I will help you. Come closer. Please, crouch down between my knees».

Delisa stood up from the couch, wondering if the dream of the night before, more than a dream ascribable to some Freudian category, was just a mere premonition. Just to be prepared, she liked her lips in a way that made joggle the smoke cloud around the Doctor’s head, and she knelt before his legs. The man went down on Delia, holding her head tilted towards the floor in a way that she could not see his face, even if he was really close to her. With his pipe in his mouth, the Doctor placed it close to girl’s head and blew through her left ear. Delia felt something whirl around her inside her mind and saw the smoke exiting from her right ear, carrying along its way tattered cobwebs, coloured butterflies, and flower’s petals. The little cloud turned into a thick geyser of smoke, which hit the opposite wall of the studio and draw, upon shelves and books, the shape of an ear tall as a person. But the geyser was not over. Smoke added to smoke, giving consistency to the ear to the point to pass from gas to solid and became a wooden door.
Through the cracks between the door and the wall, filtered the warm sunlight and a sweet smell of flowers entered the room together with the chirping of several birds.
«So, are you ready?».
Delia turned her head towards the Doctor, eager to launch herself into the world on the other side of the ear-shaped door, but also full of gratitude. She felt that there was one last thing to do.
«Ahem, there is still a tiny thing that’s pending…»
«Dear, dear Doctor… – said Delia stretchings out like a cat towards the man and placing her head on his lap – about my dream…»
«I don’t like to be interrupted».
The Doctor tried to put on some vague protest but a playful little finger, travelling up and down the man’s groyne, make it clear, climbing an increasing bigger hill, that the Doctors refusal was all make believe. Something in Delia’s dream had been indeed prophetic since the Doctor’s phallus was nothing like repressed, depressed or submissive, it was, instead, really extroverted and eager to be handled. Delia was so pleased by its responsiveness that dedicated to quickly move on the oral phase, honouring with wiry licks and deep suckings, bringing it to the orgasm. She was jubilant and rather satisfied with her result, after the rude interruption of her dream, the night before. After that, Delia raised up from the floor, wiping her gorgeous lips with the back of her hand. Now she could face her trip into the unknown on a full stomach. The Doctor did not have much to say at the end of that session and left that the girl started her adventure, greeting her with a move of his pipe.

From the Italian: “Le Follie di Delia – Fiaba licenziosa con streghe, incanti e passione” 


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