Terrorizing things

At one point, I should tell you: I am a kind of a pretender.
A week after the other I wrote here that I had decided to improve myself, to change for the better. I told you that I was trying new things or that I was planning to do it and still, I have not done yet the things that scare me the most. The past week I made a list of the things that at the present moment scare me the most and I am forcing myself doing them.

List of the things that scare me to the bones:

  • watching horror movies
  • searching for a job here in the UK
  • talking on the phone to the recruiters
  • drive my husband’s car.


And what did I do so far to tackle this list?

  • Yesterday night, I watched The Conjuring with my husband. I know. I started softly, but you can’t expect me to start watching Saw!
  • The past week, I started uploading my CV on the websites of several recruiting agencies. I need a job for two simple reasons: some extra cash and the chance to spend time outside the house.
  • I called one agency Friday, and I started to answer their calls today, instead to let the calls go straight to the voicebox, as usual.
  • This evening, my husband will wear a glowing ring upon his head, and we will try to make me drive his car in an empty parking lot. I know, it’s absurd to make all these scenes when you already have a driving license, but I never drove anything bigger than a Ford Ka and his car is an old Mondeo. And here they drive on the left side. Ok, stop. I have all the time to panic later.

And you guys? What is that scare you the most, even if it is a minor thing? Are you ready to do it just because it scares you? Please, leave a comment to a panicking woman and thank you for your precious time.



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