Waves of time: 18 days to 40s

Thursday morning I took some pictures of my hair to start journaling the progress of my greys through my hair. Then, I tried to enhance a little the shoot of a strand of hair that was almost colourless and the bluish filter won the contest. I liked how it transformed my hair into something similar to water waves under the moonlight. Thanks to the picture I found the title for the series of post as well: waves of time.

I don’t remember if I already talked about this subject, but I can’t stand the concept of activities or choices limited by reached age limits. In an era of broadening relativism, a woman still can’t wear a short skirt after her forties? Or it was in her thirties? I sense the limits are expanding, but still, they are stupid boundaries. These limitations are silly in their subject and their mere existence as well. I am not writing this because someone criticised my outfit, I rarely wear skirts at all. What I want to sell here is the chance of a second adolescence, a period of change and growth between the running-out-of-time adulthood of the forties and the full maturity of the sixties. At least, I want like to live my next twenty years that way.

As for almost anything in your life, you can choose to embrace what you are living, fight it or spend your hours whining taking no action. I want to live these next twenty years as a phase of growth. Just think about the possibilities: if you were to learn an art that is entirely new for you, today, in about ten years you could be a master of it. I want to become a master of a lot of things.

I’d like to better my illustrations skills, to go deeper into meditation. I want to explore more broadly yoga practice and to join a fitness program because the body is a lot less fussy than the Ego about ageing and if you train it, your muscles will improve regardless your age. I want to write like I never wrote before and to dress like I never did before.

This time around, I am a very much adult woman. I have no parents to ground me and society does not press me that much, at least, not in a way that I suffer. People in their forties are slightly overlooked, don’t you think? I mean, if you don’t dance to the tune of the Forever Young marketing, society has little to say to us. Are we specifically marketed? I mean, in a way does not imply “get it to feel still young”? Maybe banks want us to buy a home, but even so, it’s too late, too soon  (for a retirement house) or just impossible.

So, let’s greet goodbye to negativities and focus on the positive. What do you want to make of your next twenty years, over-forty buddies? What do you like to conquer now that you still have energy and finally have power? I am going to explore this theme a little in the next weeks, and I hope you’ll find compelling. In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time.

11 thoughts on “Waves of time: 18 days to 40s

    • Nina Trema says:

      Oh, thank you. I must say I am surprised by your suggestion but, really, thanks. I tend to overlook my photos and forget about even the best ones in a couple of days. 🙂

    • Nina Trema says:

      Absolutely, to me, being a fully grown up person has its benefits, even if we must resign to the loss of our youthful features. Maybe, what we need is a new aesthetics, peculiar to this stage of life, so that we can be proud of what we are, instead of pathetically holding on on youth.

  1. hannalaasberg says:

    What a interesting coincidence! Some days ago I doodled a picture about a woman whose hair were waves and there was a little boat sailing in these hair-waves. I decided to paint it digital and thought it must be my next work. 🙂

      • hannalaasberg says:

        Only don’t expect too much. 😀 I usually use vector graphics, so digital paint is quite new thing for me. But I want to develop my skills in this area, so I’ll try to do my best. 🙂

      • Nina Trema says:

        Oh, don’t mind about the judging of others and do your thing. I wanted to improve my drawing skills with Photoshop as well, and still I have not tried. At least, you are being braver than me 😉

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