Chapter 2: Lots of Ducklettes on the riverbank

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Delia did not know how much time had passed, but she woke up with the distinct sensation that Matt wanted to make sex again because he was caressing on of her tits obsessively.
«Oh Matt, stop it! You truly are a…»

Delia opened her eyes, and the words froze in her throat. A curly haired little child around four years old was keeping his candid little hand on her breast. Delia blushed from the inside out. The baby, instead, looked straight at her face, without stopping his manipulation.

«Who… who are you?»

«I am Idol, and you?»

«My name is Delia, ahem… could you move you hand away from there? Please?»

«Why? I’m not hurting you».

Interesting argumentation for a child his age, but was he truly a child? There was no wrinkle on his face, and his body had the proportions you expect from a child, but the look of his eyes and his way of talking did not convince Delia. Annoyed to have her breast pierced by that little hand, she stood up, forcing Idol to open his grip.
Matt had covered her with a blanket and left a canteen bottle filled with water. Covering herself the best that she could, Delia tried to dress, hiding from the glare of the little prince dressed in white silk and blue velvet.

«What’s a little child like you doing all alone in the middle of this citrus grove?».

The question angered the little Lord.
«What are you doing here? You should say! I am the Lady’s Ward!»

Once more someone was talking about this legendary Lady. The more Delia heard talking about her, the less she found her likeable. Moreover, if Matt were her lover, as Delia believed, nothing good would come if they would have finally met.

«Anyway… I come here to play with the ducklettes.»

«You mean, to play with the ducks?»

«I mean Ducklettes, and I say Ducklettes!»

«Ok, I see, Ducklettes… but what are they?»

«You have never seen them?»

«I think I haven’t.»

«Then lay down and shut up, shortly they will be here!»
Delia did as told and shortly after, a multitude of ducks glided on the river bank, as they were answering to Idol’s call.

«There! – Whispered the boy – You see them? Ducklettes!»

«But those are ducks!»

«Shhh! Quiet, or you’ll scare the ducklettes. Now I’ll spread some cookies crumbs trying to make them come near. But you should stay hidden because they don’t know you.»

«You mean that those animals know you?»

«Of course! I come here each day. But now shut up!»
Idol pulled out from the breast pocket on his velvet jacket a small shiny tin box. He opened it and started to spread handfuls of cookie crumbs towards the bank. Delia was starving and thought it was a pity to waste good food for those birds, who well knew how to feed themselves. Her curiosity though was high, and she kept it quiet. She only extended her neck as long as she could to see what was happening beyond the reeds.

As soon as Idol threw the first handful of crumbs, the birds came to them honking. Delia could then see that they didn’t look at all like the ducks she knew. They had a darker, way longer and more round beak. Their plumage was opalescent, tinted in several tones of blue and an oddly conscious glare. In the ducklettes eyes seemed to shine a flame of intelligence and that, paired with perfect table manners, would have made everyone believe that they missed only the gift of speech.
In fact, Delia thought it and said it out loud.

«Ducklettes are so well mannered. They only miss the gift of speech!»

«Shut up, silly!».

Hissed Idol, apparently speaking to the reed which swayed in the wind at his shoulders.

«Come on, good man, don’t anger yourself!»

Advised one of the Ducklettes, cleaning the corners of his beak with a batiste napkin affectedly.

«Yes, good friend. Love & Peace.»
Added another one. Full of curiosity, Delia left her hiding place among the reeds. The Ducklettes showed her appreciation to the apparition of the girl erupting in a sequence of whistles. A group tried an enthusiastic: «Nude! Nude!»

«What’s happening to these birds?»

«It’s a side effect of the biscuits.»

«They make animals speak?»

«No, they don’t, silly! Ducklettes are already able to speak. The cookies just make them euphoric.»

«I’d like to know that the ingredients are.»

«It’s a secret recipe of the with Maria Johanna, a great connoisseur of any weed.»

«Oh! Does this Maria Johanna live nearby?»

«Her house is not twice in the same place, but you can identify it from the poppy meadow on the front and the sigil on the main door: a five-pointed leaf. When she comes around, I stockpile.»

Delia observed the Ducklettes stuffing themselves with biscuits and felt her hunger grow.
«Idol, please, a handful of your cookie crumbs.»


«But why? I am hungry!»

«Crumbs are for the Ducklettos.»

«But weren’t they Ducklettes?»

«These are all males.»

«Oh, I see. But, please, sweety, just a handful…»


In the meanwhile, the ducklettes or ducklettos, as you prefer, had devoured each single tiny crumb and to better digest they had chosen to lay down close to the two, amused by their quarrelling. Though the naughty ones had snuck, unseen, under Delia’s blanket, to spy the beautiful shapes of the girl. Idol calmed quickly. It was enough for Delia to beg his pardon kneeling three times with her forehead to the ground, imploring Idol the Majestic to forgive her.

«You are a fool, but it’s not your fault if your head is filled with air.»

Idol was looking straight ahead, inflating his breast and raising his brows.

«Crumbs are not for people. I already told you… but maybe I could give you a whole biscuit since you want one that much.»

«Do you have untouched ones on you ?»

«Of course! I crumble the cookies at home, in the Lady’s mortar, because they are too hard to be broken by hand, but I carry them always with me. I can’t leave the biscuits at the castle.»

«Why not?»

«Mind your business! And now shut up and open your mouth.»

Delia would have preferred to eat by herself, but she could not persuade Idol to gave her the biscuit shaped like a cigar which he kept in his hands. She had to keep quiet and open her mouth. The little brat put an end of the sweet into Delia’s mouth, demanding that she not bite it but only suck it. Delia did not know what was more embarrassing, this or Idol’s hand on her breast, but she was too hungry to protest.

The sweet was delicious, but Delia’s stomach would have liked more substance, and while she sucked, it complained squirming. After a while, the effect of the secret ingredients started to work, though. Delia’s hunger decreased, slowly replaced by a sensation of delightful relaxation, which grew from her belly. A strand of drool poured slowly from her lips, while her pleasure was rising and her head spinning.

Idol allowed her to lie down and Delia reclined on the grass with her eyes closed, to savour each sensation. It was like several goose downs were caressing her skin and Delia had the impression that a feisty little tongue was lapping her honey down there, under the blanket between her tights. The amazingly sweet savour of the biscuit soaked through every recess of her mind while the thrusts in Delia’s mouth became faster and stronger. Soon, another tongue added to the one who was torturing her juicy bean, and then another and another more, while a hot and smooth thing started to violate her flooded cave firmly.

In a flash of awareness, Delia opened her eyes, and she saw the Ducklettos were upon her, rubbing themselves against her with lustful abandon. Idol had disappeared, and it was one ducklettos, the one who was pushing the biscuit between her lips. She closed her eyes again, resolved not to think. Under the power of the sweet or, maybe, the dexterity of the magic beasts, Delia swooned immediately. Feathers caressed every inch of her skin. Skilled tongues lapped her nipples, while others were dancing on her clitoris. At the one thousandth and one lunge of the beak, Delia’s orgasm flared. Soon, though, a sweet languour took its place and a fresh summer rain, creamy and banana floured, fell from above refreshing Delia, while Ducklettos’ calls filled the air. Satisfied, Delia collapsed into a deep sleep.

From the Italian: “Le Follie di Delia – Fiaba licenziosa con streghe, incanti e passione” 


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