Chapter 3: Chaos at the palace, part II

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Beyond the kitchens of the villa, beyond the larders and the cellars, a long and vast room with a vaulted ceiling was the enclosure of a large rank of peculiar feathered creatures. The cages, composed by iron nets mounted on wooden shells, were wrapped in green vines and had clean and freshly filled troughs. They were adorned with springs of running water and had the hard floor covered in dried straw and fay. A convenient corridor allowed to walk among the connecting cages, arranged along a horseshoe arch, to bring food, drag away bags of old pallet, clean up.

At the centre of this corridor, seated on an upside down bucket, Matt O’ Sycophant was talking to the audience of intent pets. Maybe Matt hadn’t read the plaque hung in full sight at the entrance of the hall, which read: “Strictly forbidden to male personnel”. Maybe he had decided to ignore it, as he was used doing with many of the restrictions and rules of the mansion, fact for which he was also used to undergo the exemplary punishments of the Lady. Maybe, instead, Matt was well-aware of the prohibition and they were right, the other member of the staff, when to the answer “Do you think that in the end, Matt enjoys the Lady’s punishments?” They answered with a “Yes, he likes it”.

Fact is, the big boy dressed as an armed watchman was curled up on the bucket, recounting, all happy and bold, about his morning encounter with the beautiful “lemons thief”, and every time he used the words “lemons thief” he used and ironic tone and smirked to his audience, as to say “you know who I really mean”. The Ducklettes, because they were all female specimen, asked him details, and Matt didn’t need to be prayed to tell them.

«I heard her singing among the trees, and that distant echoes sounded familiar. I could not believe she was truly her, but regardless, it should be a woman and so I spurred the horse.»

«And then? What happened? » Asked a young ducklettes, who had a red and yellow wool scarf wrapped around her spotted neck.

«And then, when I was closer, I slowed down my ride to not be heard and better observe If had been lucky. Was she really her? Or was she an ordinary farm girl? Was I going to pierce again a maid from the palace? »

«There aren’t juicy details! » Protested a more mature ducklettes, whose plumage was covered in large black and white spots and the other called Lola.

«I dismounted the horse and dragged it by its rein, hiding among the trees and then I was sure she was her. Her appearance was different, but she was her! Her hair, the perfume of orange blossom she was wearing, her crystalline voice, everything confirmed me, she was her but, at the same time, everything was more… how can I say? Softer, sweeter, kinder. I was so odd to me that I asked myself: Matt, if she doesn’t insult you as usual, what are you going to do? But then I remembered your prophecy in its entirety. You told me that I would have found the Lady dancing and singing among the lemon trees, that she would be undercover and that I should play her game. Thus, I let her distance. I mount the horse with a boner that was pulling more than my stud and I spurred it at full gallop. I grabbed her while she was trying to pull over and I lifted her up on the saddle with me. Ah, finally I could lay these hand on her golden apples! »

«On what? »

«Her tits. »

«Young man, be more explicit in your telling because all this beating around the bush ruffles our feathers. Holy cow, here you have ladies that had half a dozen broods, not boarder girls from a nunnery! »

«Finally, I could pet her for good. Lola, all of you ducklettes, I don’t how I could restrain myself until we reached the river. My beautiful Lady was seated in front of me on my horse, wearing nothing but a thin dress made of air, and she was letting me caress her, with lust in her eyes. Oh, bliss! Because your instructions told me to use some rudeness on such an occasion, as soon as we got down the river I immediately pushed her down and lifted her skirt above her head. She was already wet… what should have done a man? I pulled her panties down to her knees and pushed my tongue right between her legs. »

«Finally, something concrete. »

«You shut up! And after that? »

Matt was so caught up in his tale, talking with his eyes closed to better remember and savour every detail, that he hadn’t noticed that the ducklettes had gathered together against the slightly elastic net. They were pushing the net in the futile attempt to reach what was rapidly growing in stiffness and dimension inside his ranger trousers, which was right at ducklettes eye level. Meanwhile, other ducklettes who were less fond of crowds, they were keeping their ears peeled and their beaks busy around their tails, their own tails and the tails of their mates.

«She was moaning and screaming, my lustful Lady. I’ve never heard her screaming like that. Oh, and her savour. She was shivering and yapping like a tiny bitch so much for my tongue play, that I could not resist and pushed my boner inside her all at once. I galloped her like a maniac. She was so soft, so tame, so wet… oh yes! Yes! Just like this… »

Matt opened his eyes and saw that one zebra-striped ducklettes, helped by the others, had pushed her neck through the net holes to reach his trousers. In addition to that, after playing with his zipper she had also succeeded in opening his flap and pushing another thing inside her beak. Instinctively, the guy pulled back and in the dash to withdraw his tool, he risked a punishment much harsher than the ones his Lady used to impose on him. The poor ducklettes found herself literally empty handed and protested.

«You’re cruel! »

Shouted the ducklettes all at once. Many of them started to honk explosively, but they weren’t creatures disposed to violence and the ones who were already busy in the heavy petting did their best to make their friends take part. In that moment, Theresa appeared behind Matt, poking his shoulder.

«The Lady wants you. »

«Amen! » Said the boy, pushing back in its trousers what the ducklettes had stolen him and raising on his feet.

«Theresa, what have you been too? You are soaked. »

«I did your job, while you were here against all the rules! »

«My job? What job might you do that I usually do? You are too thin and delicate! And more, which one of my chores implies a risk to be soaked? – The answer arrived suddenly – Did you bath the baby? »

«Yeah. I bathed the baby… »

«You are speaking in a disrespectful way, girl. It is an honour to serve the Ancient Kid, you silly! Besides, he always behaves so well with me. He laughs for two scratches on the underarm, plays with the rubber duck…»

«What are you, blind? The lad had grown. »

«You are really stupid. See, Idol does not grow. He was a child. He is a child. He will always be a child. Always. »

«Then, I, who I took care of my three brothers, I don’t know a thing about children. But I tell you one thing, Matt O’ Sycophant: a child is not as tall as he is; a child is not as strong as he is, and a child doesn’t have such reactions when a woman washes him! »

Matt would have liked responding to Theresa, ask her a question, look at her face to better understand was going on, but his Lady had appeared at the end of the corridor and Matt’s mind had gone blank. While Matt was walking away, a pair of vivid blue eyes inspected an horizon wider than his toned bottom. The mind behind those piercing eyes and behind the collective intellect of the entire storm had drawn only one conclusion from the funny tale of Matt and the irritation of the maid. Lola turned towards her companions, who reply to her with the same gaze.


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