Waves of time: 2 weeks of training

On Saturday 5th November, I registered for the Phase 1 of Ms Emily Skye’s F.I.T. program. The acronym stays for Fitness Inspiration Transformation and the program includes both exercises and a complete meal plan to help you transform into your better self. I started downloading the pdf and printing out all the recipes and the exercises instruction. Then I did my first program-focused grocery shopping. I’ve never bought so much food just for me. I thought: “I should better change the way I use to do my shopping if I don’t want to go broken just by buying eggs, protein powder and kale!”

Then, I had to buy some tools to do the exercises and the day after, Monday 7th of November, I actually started. It was all new and confusing. I had to watch the explanatory video for every single exercise at least three times. I haven’t prepared in advance a single meal and all the recipes looked awful to put together. But I did everything as told in the program and endured my first week. After that period, most of the painful muscle sourness had gone, though for the first three days I felt as if someone had given me a good beating. And then the change began.

First, I started to feel stronger. I don’t know how better describe this sensation. Prior the program, I used to feel some odd and uneasy sensations while performing simple everyday activities. My arms hurt a little when pulling out t-shirts. My legs felt stiff when I had to crouch to take something out from the lowest section of the cupboard. My neck and left shoulder felt stiff and achy every evening while I was trying to relax on the couch with my husband. After one week of exercises, even though I still had some muscle sourness, that kind of pain and stiffness had gone. I could clearly discern one sensation from the other and for this, I started to feel stronger and also happier. I didn’t feel anymore as a rusting wreck but as a disciplined athlete.

Then, I saw a change in the numbers: I had lost centimetres. I had lost one tiny centimetre around my waist, five around my lower abdomen, two centimetres of hips and another one around my upper thigh. In the most slender areas of my abdomen, I saw also some new muscular lumps. Untile four days ago, the area around my belly button was still rather fatty, but the abdominals were developing and now it is nicely flat.

Finally, I started cooking more and in a more varied ways. I am an Italian, therefore I am used eating a lot of complex carbohydrates, but thanks to the nutritional program, I made nice discoveries in the meat and protein world. The F.I.T. diet made me eat a lot fewer carbohydrates and saccharine and a lot more various proteins: from different types of meat, from seafood and some pure proteins obtained from vegetables and whey. I tried new vegetables I had never eaten before. I started making various kinds of meatballs combining different kinds of meat and herbs and vegetables. My husband shared my F.I.T suppers with me and enjoyed most of the recipes. We even reprised cooking together.

Now that two weeks have passed, I can say that I am rather satisfied with how things are going. I made my decision two weeks ago, which was that I was going to commit 100% to the F.I.T. program and that simplified the process enormously. Having the target to exercise every day without the fuss of having to decide what to do or what to eat, it proved to be very productive. Every evening I simply turn the page of my program and quickly read what is expected from me on the nex day. There are no doubts, no decisions to be made, not excuses to stop me.

I must admit that I changed some of the recipes here and there and that I prepared some of them more frequently than the others, but I assure you that all I did was subtract garlic, exchange coconut oil with pure EVO olive oil, and use semi-skimmed milk instead of almond milk. I was so strict following the general rules of the diet that it did happen a thing which had never happened to me before: I dreamt of eating sweets. I am not used eating candies and biscuits every day of the week, but those dreams made me realise how much sugar was in my diet before I started the program and how much my body – or maybe better said, my brain – was craving it. Lucky me, some days ago I saw a good movie with a peculiar take on the subject of 1st contact, Arrival, and that shuffled the content of my dreams a little.

Now I am in the middle of Phase 1 of the F.I.T. program, ready to finish it and maybe start it again, adding some more weight to my lifts, before adventuring in the fitness disaster of an Italian Christmas Holiday. I have already established to start Phase 1 anew as soon as we return to England, to regain shape and prepare to engage Phase 2 in February.

These are my New Year Resolutions. How do you say? I’ve started too soon? That’s not the true spirit of the resolutions? Sorry, but I think that when something is good for you is never too soon to start it. Now, tell me, are you going through some transformative process right now? Are you willing to do it or to share your experience in the comments? Anyhow, thank you for your precious time and… be jolly!


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  1. How optimistic and motivating post, Nina. 🙂
    I think that it’s good time for setting New Year resolutions and fulfilling them. It takes time to start new habit, and the sooner you’ll start with it, the higher is probability that you keep doing it. I’ve failed too much in this “I’ll do that next year” or “If I get this, then I’ll start with that” on my previous life that I decided if I want to do something I must start immediately (of course it’s not always possible to do everything immediately, but it’s possible to start achieving it, for example if you want to travel, but have no money, then you can start collecting it) . 🙂
    I’m not saying that I’m perfect and don’t fail anymore. Of course I do, but I try to do my best.
    I must admit that I’m not going through any transformative process right now. Only things I focus at the moment is attempting to draw almost every day, thinking of ideas for the children’s class we started in library where I work and trying to complete my Reading Challenge in Goodreads (six books more!). 😀

    I’ve one question also: Why on earth you subtract garlic?? Don’t you like this heavenly delicious thing? :O

    Good luck with your program and take care! 😉

  2. Hi, Hanna 🙂 I think that being busy minding what you are doing in the present is an intense transformative moment per se. The same goes for learning a new skill, like drawing 🙂

    Coming to your question, I have a peculiar distaste for garlic and prefer shallots, instead. Garlic has a very strong flavour and if you eat too much of it, it saturates your taste buds. Because of its desensitising effect, raw garlic is even used as an ancient remedy for a toothache. Furthermore, garlic makes you smelly. The aromatic substance it contains, allyl methyl sulphide, is a volatile liquid which is absorbed into the blood and passes into the lungs. Essentially, after you ate it, you exhale and exude garlic. As much as I don’t like alcohol enough to endure gastric pain (or even a hangover), I don’t like garlic enough to stand the stink.

    Thank you, Hanna, for your wishes. Have a fantastic week 😉

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