Chapter 4: The tiny house in the woods

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

When Delia regained consciousness, the sunset was approaching, and the Ducklettos had gone, leaving her as a present a gigantic sperm flow, which covered Delia from head to toes and prevented her from lifting her back from the ground. Poor Delia looked like a huge caterpillar, wrapped in a soggy cocoon. After several pelvic thrusts, she finally came unstuck from the bedraggled grass and rolled towards the river until she reached the bank. She fell into the water with a big splash and left the stream to carry her away.

Delia floated on the surface, wrapped in her stinky white cocoon, which was hardening around her body. The flow was rather calm and the persistent effects of the magic biscuit allowed her to stay calm. While she was paying attention to the melodies of distant sparrows and to the fishes darting around her, Delia was wondering about the meaning of the weirds encounters she had that morning. First, she had met that rude guy on the horse, who seemed to have run away from the cover of a romance novel, then the little Lord with adult eyes who fed those strange animals with drugged cookies. What was the meaning of all that? But above all those mysteries, the ghostly figure of the Lady dominated the picture.

The stream proceeded in its quiet route into the depth of the forest, which was no more predominantly populated by lemon trees, but showed more imposing trees, whose interlaced branches formed a high green ceiling, spotted with sun nuggets. Distracted by the beautiful vision, Delia didn’t check the stream and, without knowing it, she slid into an artificial channel which led her toward the blades of a water mill. As soon as Delia realised she was in danger, she tried to grab onto the several flowers that grew along the bank with the only arm that wasn’t trapped in her cocoon but in that segment, the stream was too strong and her legs, wrapped in the gum, grew heavier by the minute. Exhausted, Delia was close to surrender, but a person dressed in green came to her call for help and caught that odd fainted fish in a wide net.

«Where am I? » Asked Delia upon regaining consciousness.

«You are at the White Mill, my dear. » Answered a warm female voice.

Delia tried to lift her head, but her gummy prison still was forcing her to stay put.

«Now that you are awake I can free you with no peril of hurting you. »

Finally, in the range of vision of poor Delia, a face appeared and there was a smile on it. Delia’s saviour was a woman of not definable age. She had a tan, caused by numerous hours spent in the sun, a long ponytail made of dark luscious hair, and a calm, skinny face. The dark woman was wearing a dark green shirt with the sleeves folded and above it, she had a large apple green oilcloth apron. In her hands, guarded by rubber gloves, she was carrying a pair of grass shears. Delia didn’t have any doubts, that woman was Maria Johanna.

«Tell me, honey, this shell is a part of you? »

«A part of me? »

«Yes, my dear. Are you a White Bat, a Fairy-fly who closes herself in a cocoon? »

«Oh no! I am a human being, a woman! »

At those words, Delia believed to catch a glimpse in Maria’s eyes. But it was only an elusive flash and the woman regain suddenly her calm expression.

«Ok, let’s proceed. »

Maria disappeared to her sight and started to traffic around Delia’s feet. After some minutes of silence, she appeared again in front of her eyes and her face was a lot less serene.

«There’s a little problem… »

«What problem? »

«I can’t proceed with the scissors or the scalpel, I might cut you. »

«There isn’t another way? »

«I might use the acid… » Murmured the woman, talking to herself.

«Ok for the acid. » Dared to suggest Delia.

«But the acid might scar her for life… » Continued Maria, apparently mumbling without giving Delia any attention.

«Might what? »

«Regardless, if I don’t take any action quickly this stuff might harden too much or, worse, it might shrink and strangle her. »

«It might do what? »

Maria surfaced from her elucubrations, pulled aside the corners of her mouth with a forced smile and full of an aloof enthusiasm proposed Delia to give her a good warm bath.

«A warm bath? »

«Yeah! It will relax you, and I have the impression that this stuff should be warmed up. By the way, do you happen to know what is this stuff? »

«Well… » Began Delia.

«This isn’t the sap of the Latex Tree? Or, maybe, the gummy spores of the Duralex Sedlex fungi? » Proposed the herbalist.

«Ahem… actually… »

«Tell me, kid. »

«This stuff… »

«Yes? »

«It’s sperm. »

Maria Johanna took a step aside to embrace with her sight the biggest sperm flow she had ever seen in her entire life. And it had been and adventurous life.

«How many horses were above you, honey? »

«None. »

«Men? »

«Neither. »

The wizard herbalist gave a second look

«A pack of ten thousand bunnies? A tonne of hares? What? Tell me, what did produce this? Heavens! Not even a flock of horny Ducklettos could do this! »

«Them! It was them who did this! »

«Please, kid! Don’t fool around. Everybody knows that there are no more Ducklettes free in the wild. It has been a long time, since that horrible monster I don’t want to mention imprisoned those poor creatures in her palace. »

«But you have to believe me when I say it was the Ducklettos. At least, Idol called them so. »

«Idol? » The sorceress blushed.

«Do you know him? » Asked Delia.

«Well, just like anybody else. Everybody who Idol is, the Ancient Child. »

«He had some cookies made by you. »

«Really? It might be. In my business, I see a lot of people, and I make a lot of things… ahem… like herbal teas, herbal perfumes, herbal ointments. I work a lot with… herbs. »

«Those were very peculiar biscuits, very hard to bite, but also very good. They had also a secret herb inside. »

The weed herbalist coughed.

«I really don’t know what you are talking about. You know, sometimes I do experiments and I don’t know what might happen. Yes! I experiment a lot, ahem… in the kitchen. Yeah! But let’s come to our main subject. Should we? »

The herbs magician took a deep breath and coughed a couple of times.

«Ok. If this truly is Ducklettos sperm as you say, a good warm bath and a good grooming with a horsehair glove should do the magic and resolve everything. »

Maria disappeared again from Delia’s sight and she could hear her bustle around bottles and tubes. From time to time she heard Maria wondering under her breath what was missing or where to find that object or if the water was at the right temperature.



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