Chapter 5: Caverns of Karakòll

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Alone again with her thoughts, Delia explored the space around her with her eyes, struggling to lift her head even a little. She was in a simple, wide, rectangular shaped structure, which had a wooden roof and large glass windows, beyond which the night reigned. Four broad skylights opened in the ceiling, showing a sky filled with stars, and all over the hall were scattered numerous lanterns and scented candles, which spread a warm, orange-coloured light. Against the wall opposite to Delia’s camp bed, there was a deep table covered with pots, topsoil bags and plants of every kind. At the further corner of the hall, a tall and wide, dark, wooden cupboard with lots of shelves carried rows and rows of phials, glass jars, ampoules, beakers. While tools, scissors and blades of all dimensions and shapes were placed on a rack at the end of Delia’ camp bed wall. If Delia had still had some doubts about the woman who saved her, that collection of items and plants should have dispersed them. Tha place could be nothing but the workshop of the famous herbalist Maria Johanna, the creator of the extraordinary biscuits in the hands of Idol, the witch who always moved her home, running away from someone or something.

Maria came back to Delia.

«I am going to tilt forward the surface where you are laying. Don’t worry, you’ll slide gently in the tub I usually wash my plants in. »

No sooner said, than done; the plan tilted like a ramp and Delia entered softly a granite tank filled with hot water and curious floating leaves. Maria reached her immediately, she explained Delia how to use the leaves to unravel her body from the gummy harness and began washing her as well.

«You see? You grab the leaves and squeeze them like this, so the sap comes out and then you rub it against this stuff to make it dissolve into the water.»

Delia followed immediately Maria’s example, rubbing the leaves drooling sap for all the length her arm could extend. First thing, she freed her other arm and her neck.

«Good job, honey! »

Maria kissed fondly on her forehead whilst massaging Delia with expertise. Any angle of Delia’s body touched by the tanned hands of the herbalist witch would melt down immediately. In a short time, Delia’s bust was free and so her hips and her legs. As soon as Maria had separated the legs of the girl one from the other, she worried about her hair, using the content of a special phial, which was long and thin and filled with a thick orange liquid.

«Actually, if you could move your legs, it might be better to move inside the house, to a real bathtub. »

As she said that, she helped Delia standing up and, without any apparent fatigue, she lifted her over the tank border.

«Do you think you should be able to stand alone? »

«I think I can. »

But Maria surrounded her with her strong arms and hold onto her tightly, regardless. The granite tank was left alone, filled with a smelly mixture of hot water, Ducklettos sperm and sap. Delia turned away from it and wondered if the sorceress had the intention to use it for one of her experimentations.

Maria led the limping girl through a series of doors and peculiar rooms packed with books, up to a staircase and then to a rather decadent bathroom, decorated with pink marble flooring, shiny brass faucets and a big, immaculate hot tub, shaped as a water lily, in the centre. Maria helped Delia enter the tub, she ordered her to stand and opened the shower, while caressing her skin, which was still all mushy and covered in sticky leftovers. Delia The witch, touch was relaxing and Delia closed her eyes, feeling the fatigue leaving her body together with the dirty water.

As Maria washed the beautiful maiden, she sang a lullaby Delia didn’t know. Delia listened intensely to the melody, freeing her mind from every thought as the chanting was dancing in her mind, like water waves on a pond. She didn’t notice at first, that the sorceress had left her clothes on the marble floor and had joined Delia in the hot tub. When Delia opened her eyes, feeling close the witch’s presence, a thick curtain of thin, green leaves was around the thermal pond where she and Maria were bathing.

«But… where are we? »

The dark woman, with the high, sculpted cheeks, looked at her with a bewitching smile. She came closer to Delia walking through the thick, translucent liquid which filled the pond. Then, she immersed herself completely and when she came out again her head was shiny and drooling, and her lips were brighter and redder.

«Don’t overthink it. »

She said, and kissed the girl.

Delia offered herself to the witch’s embrace, caressing her bronzed muscles with her own soft flesh. She twirled herself to other woman’s body like a water snake and darted her feisty tongue in the lustful mouth of Maria. She had never desired so much to have sex since she had trespassed the ear-shaped door. She avidly explored Maria’s body, donating her the most lascivious caresses, licking the oily, sugary liquid from her face. Sinuously, a cold thing searching for some warm introduced itself between the two women. It was a small, colourful snake. Delia froze.

«Don’t be afraid, my dear. »

Said the witch and immediately she sucked her in a breathless kiss. Hissing and slithering several new snakes joined the first one, apparently coming out of nowhere. Weaving a net of shining bodies they separated the two women, entangling them in flesh ropes. The snakes seemed to have a strange quality as if the beasts were there and not there at the same time. Delia could still see through their shiny bodies and when they slapped her with their tails, she felt like it has been water to touch her and not a living thing. She then followed the example of Maria Johanna, already entangled in a net of translucent mystical beasts and stopped any resistance.

Delia raised up her arms and the snakes enveloped her entirely. She still could see the sorceress standing in the pool a foot from her, and hear her moans but soon Delia’s mind was filled with the snakes chanting and splashing. A pounding, incessant, vicious music played through her brain and her entire body, penetrating deep in her bones, making her wanting to scream, but not giving her enough breath to do it. In the music, Delia sensed a will, a desire, an imperative request and she, too, was filled with a haunting desire which she could not express. She felt invaded by a power too big for her small body. Something was ripping her from the inside, pushing to coming out. Until, finally, from the bottom of the deepest, darkest well a scream raise to her lips; a scream that made its way through the shady air of the pond, growing from a thin cry to a deep, strong, imposing laugh.


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