Waves of time: one month after

Almost one month ago, I was here (and here, and here first) writing about my incoming 40th birthday and how I wanted to live it as an occasion to start a new phase of my life, a phase where I could think of myself as a kid and, at the same time, be my own mother. One month after, I am saying to you that to remember all of my goals sometimes I have to read them and, maybe, it could be a good idea to write them down and constantly have them under my nose. Same thing goes for the five words I wanted to use as inspiration:

  • effort (to put all my energy and mind in what I choose to do)
  • preparation (to prepare me for the challenging years to come, aka ageing)
  • savour (“to suck out all the marrow of life” as Henry David Thoreau puts it)
  • goals (because to steer your boat you need a place to go to)

I think the reason for needing a memorandum doesn’t lie solely in the effort to remember stuff but also in the sneaky ways my fears work. My fears (and I suppose yours as well) prosper in the negative statements I apply to myself. Since in my core beliefs, I store ideas like that I don’t deserve love, I am worthless and I can’t write, I risk at any moment to restrain myself in my pursuit of happiness. But now I know it. I know what plays against me. I know what originated those negative core beliefs. Now that I know, I can question them, refuse them, see them for the illusions they are, and act.

One month after, the things that changed the most are my body and my attitude.

My body is changing thanks to the fitness program I started on the 7th November. Currently, I am starting anew the Phase 1 of the F.I.T. program, since later this month Christmas Holidays will be upon me. I already know that being far from my house I will stray from the healthy path, but so far, what are the results?

  • lot less static muscular pain: by this, I mean that I suffer less of all the little everyday body aching of a not-so-young person and my movements had gained vigour and precision.
  • slender figure/nicer measures: of course, along with dieting and exercise come lots of improvement in the looks area. On a person like me, that was already rather skinny, changes are not spectacular when I am all dressed up, but all together they give a nice polish to the entire figure, that looks crisper and more elegant.
  • less period pain: men, if you don’t want to hear about it, skip the paragraph, but women who suffer from painful menstruation know how debilitating it can be. I always had painful periods; sometimes the ache was stronger, sometimes mellower, but in the last ten years physical pain often mixed together with psychological discomfort. I tried almost anything except for Vicodin to calm the physical pain, but the psychological stress, that left me hopeless. I was emotionally down the well for three to five days a month, every month. Now that meditation is giving me more clearness of mind and that exercising is helping me having less muscular pain, periods are becoming manageable.

About my attitude, I have to say that no real change would have been possible without these two elements:

Meditation helped me focus on the present moment and reach the mental clearness that brought me to Dr Judy’s studies about the human disconnect. Now that my mind is more focused, I can really follow all the useful advice I had listed in my previous posts.

Things like:

  • having a morning routine,
  • using a timer to measure work and rest periods,
  • scheduling my tasks for the days, weeks and months ahead,
  • journaling,
  • doing gratefulness exercises,

All these things are no more useful tricks. During the las month, they all became daily practices. I woke up every day at 05.55 a.m. with zero effort. I never forget to pause and meditate. Seating and writing for hours with few to no distractions at all, it’s a reality. I schedule things that I actually manage to do. I have things to be grateful for and proud of every day. I can journal about real improvements and daily discoveries about what I was doing wrong and why. More than anything else, my mindset in more positive and I have more hope, broadly speaking.

And you, my dear three readers? Have you applied some useful advice? Did you encounter something that changed the game for you in a positive way? In the meanwhile, I thank you for your precious time and I say to you: YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT 😉


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      1. French is so hard to learn, even us are doing lot of mistakes 🙂 i personaly prefere english its so friendly and nice to ear 🤗

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