Chapter 7: When your pupil is a demon

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

The Lady had left from about an hour when the party at the mansion began, just the time needed for a couple of white doves to fly from the grove borders to the kitchens with an olive branch in their beaks. Usually, when on the evening Matt appointed another farm guard of his own early morning shift, Matt’s subordinates knew that he was going to escort the Lady along some journey and used to bring with them two birdcages. One contained a pair of doves and the other one two blackbirds. Along the years, the habit had become lesser frequent but it had not been abandoned. The flight of the two blackbirds meant that the she-despot had turned back her horse and was about to return to the villa. The two doves, instead, served to signal that the Lady was already a couple of miles away and spice and roasts could make their come back on the table, as an alternative to the usual dull boiled meats and unseasoned salads.

Upon the arrival of the doves, zesty vapours had started to flow in the air, spreading the good news to the house. There, young maids and strong servants had spiced up their chores with songs and the songs, running away through open windows, had spread the news even further, for the joy of the workers passing by the villa. The workers had brought it with them to the gardens, the fields and in every corner of the vast estate. In about one hour, the whole citrus grove had opened to joy.

The only one who was not enjoying the moment, maybe because of a temperament close to the Lady’s, was a skinny, pale kid around twelve years old who exhibited a thick thatch of messy hair. He roamed around the villa unnoticed by the other joyous occupants, and with a moody attitude – caused maybe by the roaring party, maybe by the fact that he had been left out – he dodged everyone with surly glares and loud snorts; but it didn’t matter how loud was his snorting or angry his look, no one seemed to care.

The unfortunate had started his wandering around midday. He had pulled himself out of the bed with the agility of an elderly man covered in bricks and had found out that he had slept with his feet and half his calves out of the bed. He had reached for the wardrobe limping on his stiff, aching legs to discover that also all his clothes had shrunk, just like his bed. With the handle still in his hand, he had turned to embrace all the room. Everything looked one-third smaller than the night before. Even the ceiling, with its plaster clouds hanging from a blue sky, seemed to be closer.

«I grew up -he had said to himself within a whisper – I grew up! »

In a sudden, he had thrown away his bathrobe, currently able to scarcely cover his belly, and inspected his groyne, but, alas, he had been disappointed. There was no hair and his little buddy was still all alone down there. With trembling hands he had inspected his throat: no pummel. What kind of treachery was that? He had stamped and kicked away his bathrobe. He had trashed his pillow and stamped upon that too. Then, he had assessed a good kick to his iron framed bed and screamed his pain with a squeaking voice.

Breathless, he had moved back until he had touched the wall and fallen on the floor. He wanted to cry for the pain but that lump in his throat made him feel even more as a little child, so he had punched the flooring, keeping his eyes shut. The fist had hurt but, at least, he had not screamed again. Then, he had picked up his robe and ventured in the corridor.

He had been strolling for more than an hour when he reached the prisoners’ enclosure, down beyond the kitchen, the stables and the sign:“Strictly forbidden to male personnel”.

From the enclosure, came a tense chatter. The kid stopped at the door and listened to it.

«So… has it started? »

«Sure, it has started, you silly! »

«I can’t believe it has started. »

«Of course, it started. Can’t you feel it? »

«Dunno know. I thought I would have felt it more. Are we sure it started? »

«Oh, if I had hands, I would slap you in the face! »

«Come closer telling me that! »

If only I had hands… »

«Why? Afraid to tangle your fathers? »

«Everyone, shut up! This is not the right moment. »

«What are you talking about? This is the moment! This is the moment everything starts and the moment to make that dumb ass stay put! »

«I am saying this is not the right moment… »

«Why are you whispering? I can’t understand. Speak louder. »

The wise Lola enveloped the young Ducklettes’ beak in her wing and turned her head to the entrance door.

«We have guests. »

All the Ducklettes turned their eyes to the door and the messy thatch of hair that peeked out. As he saw himself discovered, Idol moved towards the centre of the hall. He had a hand pressed onto one temple and his head down.

«Good morning.» Said Lola. The kid didn’t answer.

«Bewildering morning, right? »

Idol shrugged.

«The palace is in chaos this morning. The Lady is going to be really pissed. »

«The Lady, she’s not here and she’s not sensing it. She left. »

The Liddle Lord of the mansions shrugged again, bored, and turned his back to her. The youngest Ducklettes murmured for the lack of respect, but Lola and the other oldies kept on following his every his movement.

«I see you changed, my Lord. »

«You find I am? »

«Oh yes, my Lord! You left childhood behind. The tutelage of the Lady does not… »

The kid stopped her with a gesture of his hand which he then left fall by his side.

«Myabe I’ve left childhood. Yes, it could be. The ship sailed from the harbour with the wind in the tail, but now she wiggles on a flat, windless, sea. – He pointed his eyes to one of the high, small windows right under the ceiling – There’s no land behind me, no land before me. »

The Ducklettes, for the first time since they were born, instead of rubbing the usual area in their underbelly scratched their eyes and ears. Was that sad boy their Lord? Was him still their adorable, indecent, playful shepherd? It was true: his body had changed. But it wasn’t his new, skinny body to leave them speechless. Where have gone the smiles? Where have gone the games? And above all, where have gone their daily cookies ration?

The kid was pacing the hall back and forth, more interested staring a leaf on the floor  than looking or speaking to the Ducklettes.

«Your landing place is right ahead and you’ll reach it before you could… »

Idol gestured hastily Lola to shut up and put one hand to his ear to better listen: laughter and singing were coming from the garden outside. Silently, he reached the wall and moved a hay ball to climb to the window and peek outside for a moment.

«Girls! »

He said, finally. Then he looked again, all his body stretched up to reach the window. He stood there a pair of minutes and then descended from the hay onto the floor and seated there.

«Damn! They are grown ups. »

«What’s happening to you, my Lord? Are you not able to speak to your subjects? They are your maids, after all. »

«I wonder was happening to you. You speak like the Lady: this is a servant, that one is a maid. Here is a farm worker, there a cook.  »

«I mean, you know them. You surely have seen them one million times here at the palace. Can’t you speak to them anymore? »

«Then I was a baby. Some of those girls bathed me! I’m ashamed.»

«When they were born, you were our Lord from centuries. »

«Yes, your toddler Lord. »

Suddenly, he stood up and took off his short, wrinkly bathrobe, showing his hairless, immature, adolescent body.

«See? I’m not changed that much. »

«You can grow up in the space of a night. »

«Yes, you can! – He kicked away his robe. – You… »

«I can’t help you, my Lord. »

«Neither I can help you. »

Idol turned his back to Lola and left with not a single glare at the Ducklettes. He left naked, alone and desperate. A duck with a big pair of spectacles came close to Lola and poked her.

«Lola, what had just happened? »

«The Lord of Chaos has just abandoned his sacred animals to their fate. »

«Sacred Climax, you are lost! You… you should call him! He can’t! »

«Oh no, he can. And he did it. But it’s alright. He can’t help anyone, not in that form. »

«But he is the Saviour! He is supposed to be our Saviour! »

Lola left the front line and moved to the bird feeder without a word. Another one came closer to the bespectacled Ducklett.

«Peppermint, but this prophecy of the Saviour, is it true or is it bullshit? You know, some lie like the one we told Matt about the Lady? »

«How can you mix them up? That one was total bullshit. »

Said a third one.

«Ok, but this thing of the Saviour stretches the things a bit as well. Especially now that… you’ve just seen. »

«The naughty girl has arrived, everything is proceeding as foreseen. »

«Maybe, but are we sure she’s arrived? »

«Of course, she’s arrived! – Said Peppermint – She was her the girl Matt was talking about. Only the Naughty Girl would be identical to the Lady, we all know why. And only the Naughty Girl opens her legs that way, and we all know why as well. Don’t you remember?»

«Sure I remember, but still? »

«Still what? Are you dumb as a goose? »

«Who’s a goose? Tell it to my face! »

And while the Ducklettes were fighting one more time, skinny, clumsy fingers were inspecting Matt’s wardrobe, looking for a pair of trousers and a shirt not too big to wear.


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