Greetings and salutations

To me, 2016 has been my beast year on the WordPress platform. This year, I met new fantastic fellow bloggers, I gained special readers and I started, both a new course of personal blogging and a new novel. I thank you all for the time spent together and I wish you all the best for this upcoming Winter Holidays. I hope that all of you could spend this time of the year close to the people you love the most. As for me, in a couple of days, I will be with my family and friends in my native country, therefore I will take a break from my Monday posts about self-growth until the next year.

Some changes are on the road too:

  • Starting this Christmas, I am going to reduce the number of weekly articles on the blog, moving from posting three times a week to only two, every Monday and Friday. This is because I am going to work full-time outside my home and, at the same time, I don’t want to stop my new fitness experience. So, for now, the Wednesday post has to go.


  • After the early end of the contract with my Italian publisher, the novel I am translating to English from the Italian, La Follia di Delia, will undergo a heavy editing job and I’ll dedicate the narrative section of this blog to post a new edited chapter every Friday. After I’m done with Delia, I will continue The Roaming Witch. I hope the fans of the witch’s saga will understand and maybe enjoy the English adventures of Delia.


  • Other changes will be announced along the way but for now, this is it. I can’t wait to start working again inside an office, with other people! I appreciate “me time”, but this solitude was driving me insane.


In the meanwhile, my dear friends…

Have a Merry Winter and a Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Greetings and salutations

  1. Monika says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too! I’m glad I got to meet you here this year and can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us 🙂 also, congratulations on your fitness routine! I’m still a couch potato haha

    • Nina Trema says:

      Thank you, Monika. I am a lucky person. I wish to you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too 🙂 I wish you to shoot a couple of pictures you can be satisfied with, this year, and some more that will defy you to do more and better 😉

  2. hannalaasberg says:

    Dear Nina, I wish you beautiful and peaceful Christmas time and all the best for new year. I’m also glad I met you this year and I want you to know, I really really enjoy your writings. At the end of the year I have been busy and missed many of your posts, but I’ll soon catch up with these! I hope that one day I can read your books. 🙂

    • Nina Trema says:

      Thank you, Hanna 😊 All the best to you and your family for this Christmas and the coming New Year. This year WordPress has been like a chest of gems for me and surely your blog is one the gems. Keep on drawing 😉

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