Chapter 8: Nocturnal animals

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

For three days, Delia had been a guest in the house of the beautiful Maria Johanna, wise and powerful herbalist. On the evening of her arrival, after the shocking visions in the mystical pool in the Cavern of Karakòll – as Maria had called that place afterwards – the sorceress had escorted her in a cosy, girly guest room, where Delia could finally have a good, dreamless night of sleep. The morning after, Maria had entered the room carrying a breakfast tray filled with delicacies and insisted on serving her in her bed.

The morning after, Maria had entered the room carrying a breakfast tray filled with delicacies. She had placed it on the bed and started to feed Delia as if she was a little girl. Delia had to struggle to successfully put some words out, while the sorceress was forcing food inside her mouth. But she had lots of questions to ask and sensed that the time at her disposal was too short.

«So, what are the Ducklettes? »

«Good morning to you, too. »

Asked Maria with amused sarcasm.

«Sorry, Maria. I didn’t want to overlook all the things you are doing for me. Thank you.  »

«Oh, you are more than welcome, sweetie. »

Looking at Maria in her green smock open on her tanned cleavage, Delia had a flash of her, naked inside the hot spring pond. She had a flash of her kiss as well.

«I think you are pretty fantastic. »

The sorceress stopped spreading jam on Delia’s next toast and blushed handsomely.

«Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, girl! »

Maria Johanna said with a straight face, but then she giggled and started to spread too much jam on the toast.

«I meant every word. »


Asked Maria offering a toast heavily frosted with raspberry jam to Delia, who bit it with some difficulties and nodded.

«You know, I’ve never kissed a girl before, but… »

«But? »

«Kissing you has been… wow! »

«Mm… you should refine your rhetoric if you’d like to kiss me again, honey. Also, your mouth is covered in jam. I don’t know if I want to kiss it right now. »

But Delia licked her delicate lips and Maria could not resist doing the same, coming closer to her and sending the tray and all its content on the floor.

«Look what you’ve done! – said a not really angry sorceress – You’ll be punished for that, naughty girl! »

«Please, punish me with something big. »

«I think the right tool came out of the oven just this morning, with your name on it. »

Maria produced an enlarged version of one of her bullet-shaped, stone-hard, drugged cookies from one of the several pockets of her green smock and the two women consumed their first intercourse in a triumph of cotton sheets and pink jam.Later that day, Delia had discovered that the room she was occupying had been the room of Maria’s daughter, gone to live by herself years before. Delia could not believe that the sorceress could have a full grown-up child, but even though Maria was ready to accept her compliments, she didn’t want to share any more information about her daughter or her past years. She told only to Delia: “

Later that day, Delia had discovered that the room she was occupying had been the room of Maria’s daughter, gone to live by herself years before. Delia could not believe that the sorceress could have a full grown-up child, but even though Maria was ready to accept her compliments, she didn’t want to share any more information about her daughter or her past years. She told only to Delia: “My twins are really something.”

The last two days had passed without any peculiar event, despite the constant advice by Maria to “close tight the window before entering the bed; strange creatures roam these woods.” When finally, that same night, Delia asked her why she had chosen such a dangerous spot to set her house, Maria had answered that was only temporary, she was going to magically move her house again the next morning, “to run away from a greater evil“. Then, she kissed her good night and raised from Delia’s bed.

«That’s all? – asked a disappointed Delia – You won’t let your naughty girl do some nasty tings to you, this night? »

«I’m afraid, I can’t my dear. This night is the night I must work on the Ducklettos’ sperm you brought me. I can’t let it go to waste. »

Delia snorted.

«You’re awful! »

Maria tried to smile at her joke, but seem to be sad for real. Delia, who was just pretending, could not understand why.

«See you tomorrow, sweetie. »

«I could not be here, tomorrow. »

But Maria had only shrugged and closed the door. As soon as the sorceress left the room, Delia went to the window and opened it to the fresh night air. It was a nice, starry night, and Delia was about to stick herself out the window when she heard the scream of a horse, held by its bridle and jumped into the bed in a hurry, to not be seen. She suspected it was Matt O’Sycophant, on a crazy mission to recover for his adored Lady something Delia had never stolen. Holding the blankets up to her mouth, she listened attentively and caught the voices of Maria and of an older man, talking like old friends. Soon the voices disappeared inside the house and Delia fell asleep.

In that moment, in the living of the little, cosy house of the sorceress Maria Johanna, the herbalist was exchanging prolonged salutations with an old mate of her academy ages. Delia didn’t know, but the man was the Archmage and Great Academy Chancellor Xavier Lex Axenior, Professor Emeritus of Smokingology and Appointed Personal Shrink of the Supreme Ruler.

 Delia did not know, also, that the man had enveloped Maria in his arms for about two minutes straight and didn’t seem to be ready to let go of her. Maria had been quiet for the first minute and had tried to free herself for the second one, but the man was pretending not to sense her struggle. He simply continued explaining to her how glad he was to see her  and to find her well, and how proud he was that her cures and potions were the talks of the whole Academy, and how could have been great if she would decide to join the staff, while suffocating her in the thick fur of his long coat.

«Great Chancellor, I don’t deserve all this warmth. »

«To you, Maria, just Xavier. »

«Xavier – Said the sorceress, trying to distance her face from the furry coat. – Really, I don’t deserve it. »

«Oh, please, Maria. We go a long way… »

«Yes! – Said Maria looking for some room to move her foot. – But I never deserved such fondness! »

With her leg a little freer to move, Maria pushed violently her foot on the left toe of the wizard, who screamed and lost his balance, finally freeing her from his embrace.

«Oh Xavier, what happened? Please come here. »

Said Maria with too much wonder in her voice. Then, she quickly rescued the huge chancellor from falling on his butt and helped him reach an armchair in the living room.

«Oh, Maria. – Said the man massaging his poor feet. – Like the good old days. Isn’t it? »

«My dear friend, between us nothing will ever change. Ever! »

Maria answered warmly, handling a big log.

«That is for the fire, right? »

«Sure it is! »

The log went into the fire and the wizard’s coat on the coat hanger in the hallway, and while the atmosphere in the living room was at the same time cooling down and warming up, mainly thanks to a bottle of handmade liquor, Delia suddenly woke up in her bedroom. All was quiet and dark, but she trembled at the sight of the window she had left open. A delicate breeze was slowly caressing the curtain. Delia could not stop looking at it. She was sure something had happened but she didn’t have the courage to investigate. After a long time, she dared to move her sight towards the darkest corner of the room and she saw it.

It was a bright yellow gaze, crowned by two oval pupils. Then a red crack opens in the blackness below the gaze and Delia heard it.

«Meow! »

The creature said.

«Hi! – Said Delia. – What are you? »

«You’re very rude. »

«Sorry. Who are you? »

«Don’t you invite me to take a sit? To come closer? »

«I didn’t think you need an invite. You already entered without one. »

The gaze turned away from her and the only eye Delia could still see was looking at the wall. She sighed.

«Please, do come closer and take a seat. »

«Well, thank you! »

Answered the creature, black as the night. It moved closer towards her, reaching the window and Delia could see that it was tall as a man and lean as an athlete. Because of the feeble light of the Moon, coming from the window, Delia could not tell if it was dressed in velvet or covered by a shiny fur. It had a face, though, not a snout, and Delia started to think of it as he. He had also long, black hair, around his masculine, angular face, and a pair of pointy, hairy, cat years, placed in the higher portion of his head.

«By the way – he pointed the window with its sharp claws – that was an invite! »

«Oh, now I see. »

The bent his head, approvingly, and came to seat on Delia’s bed. He was wearing a pair of black boots, with the points covered in silver and a black studded belt. As he seated on the bed, he wrapped his long tail around his waist and pointed is yellow eyes into Delia’s.

«So… what brings you here? »

«Your smell. – Delia blinked. – I like girl’s smell. »

«But I washed… – He stretched himself and lay all extended on the bed – are you listening to me? »

«They are talking about you down there. You know? »

«Who’s talking about me? »

«The witch and her guest, of course. »

«How do you… I don’t believe you! »

He shrugged.

«Do you want to fuck? »

«What? No, I don’t! »

«You wanted when you opened the window. »

He smiled, showing a long row of white, pointy teeth and a pair of small fangs.

«Oh, yeah? How did you know? You smelled it? »

«Precisely. – Said him, rolling on his back. – I can lick you forever if you prefer. I have a special tongue. Do you fancy the idea? »

«Not right now. »

He lifted his head and his shoulder, and pointed one elbow on the bed cover.

«Your smell is nicer than your talk, but I think I can bear it, for now. »

«Oh, so very kind of you! »

«Don’t mind. I am kind to my food as well before I kill it. – He smiled again with those fangs. – Do you like to know what are they saying about you? »

«I’m not so sure. »

«Boring! »

In that, he pulled out from nowhere a big, black sack and threw it all over Delia.

«I said no! »

Shouted Maria from the depth of her lungs. She was pacing the living room back and forth, in front of the fireplace.

«Please, Maria. Try to reason. – Said patiently Xavier. – It’s not on me or you to decide.»

«Then, why are you insisting? If it’s in her destiny to discover the prophecy she will do it by herself. Why telling her now? Why put her in danger before she could even understand what’s going on? »

«But it is to protect her that you must tell her everything, now, and let her go. »

Maria shook her head.

«Maria, look, I understand that you have developed feelings for the Naughty Girl and it’s perfectly normal. Because of who she is, it is impossible not to love her, but…»

Maria interrupted her old friend with a sarcastic laughter.

«Ah! My feelings towards women had always been perfectly normal, Xavier, may they be prophesized heroines or not. »

«Do you really believe me to be such a small man? Maria! »

She bit her lips and shook her head again. She stopped her stomping and kneeled at the man’s feet, taking his big hands into hers.

«Xavier… »

«I’m rather offended. – He looked at her velvety brown eyes. – Or maybe I’m not. See, this thing it’s bigger than me and you. It’s even bigger than her! »

«I know. But she trusts me. She… she’s so foolishly defenceless. »

«She is not. This loveliness is her biggest power. No one in this world can bear not to help her, not to care for her, even not to love her. »

Maria listened silently, her head laying on the wizard’s knees.

«You well know what I’m talking about. You met her only three days ago and you would throw yourself in a fire for her. But you don’t have to. You have to free her, to let her be. »

«But what if she changes? What if the fight corrupts her? »

Xavier prolonged his arms towards the woman and she let him lift her and place her on his lap. She let him caress her silky black hair and her cheek.

«Shush… don’t worry, my friend. Everything will be as it has to be. »

Maria returned Xavier’s embrace and he grasped her tighter.

«It’s already started. She has already left your house.»

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