Chapter 9: Mr Badguy (1/2)

The English adventures of Delia continue. The subject is adult oriented. Read it forward only if you are 18 years old or more.

Delia was bouncing inside the tomcat sack, carried away as if she was a piece of ham by that dark, malicious creature who had appeared in her room. For what she knew, he could well have the intention to eat her in one bite once they reached his den. Right after the cloth had fallen upon her, the creature had tied up the sack mouth and loaded her on his back. She had felt the bed moving away from her, and the sack rubbing against the cat’s back. After a quick jump from the bed, they had posed motionless, balancing on the edge of something. Maybe it was the window sill because she felt the warmth of the house on one side and the cold night air on the other. Then, with a formidable jump, she had unwillingly left the safety of the sorceress’ home for the branch of a tree.

Now she was bouncing at breakneck speed, on the shoulder of an unfriendly beast. She could not say how much time had passed, how many miles they had covered when, finally, the running stopped and the sack was lowered on the ground.

«Let me go! »

Delia screamed through the thick cloth which enveloped her.

«Oh, you are still alive. Good! »

The voice was coming from a spot close to the bottom of the sack and it seemed tired. Delia could also hear a lot of panting, coming from the same spot.

«Please, let me go! »

«As soon as I can, my dear. You weight a lot more than I had thought. Oh my gosh! – He gasped – I am exhausted. »

«Let go off me, you merciless bastard! »

«What? – The sack was shuffled. – How did you call me? I’m doing this for your own good! I mean, I am doing it for a greater good, that is also your own good, the good of all of us, and this is how you repay me? »

«Bullshit! You’re going to eat me! »

A big laughter was the first answer she had.

«Oh, baby, you’re gonna kill me! Ah, ah! No! I don’t eat girls! – Outside the sack, the tomcat laughed again. – I pretty much do everything to them, but it doesn’t imply pain, usually. No, my dear, I’m helping you, if anything. »

«I will trust you more if I wasn’t closed in a sack! »

«I suppose you’re right. »

Before she could see anything, Delia could feel the coldness of the night flowing through the opening of the sack to her face. Then, she could see the stars above and a clawed hand. The cloth fell entirely and the hand, after withdrawing its claws, offered help to raise up.

«Thank you! »

«You are very welcome! Allow me to do a late introduction»

The creature bowed to Delia.

« I am Mr Badguy, Lord of the Western Forest, King of the Great Felines, Master of the Mew, at your service, Naughty Girl. »

«Naughty girl?! I didn’t do anything, so far. »

«Oh, but you will! »

Replied the creature with one of his sharp, toothed smiles.

«Well… my name’s Delia. »

«I have to say, I knew it. »

«Were you spying on me? »

«Oh, let’s just say my nose always tells me when there’s a new girl in town and, so, once I know… I kinda start surveilling her window. »

«Until you find it open. »

«Just for three nights in a row. This was gonna be the last night, but I was lucky. »

«So… it’s not true that you want to help me. This is simply what you always do. You smell a girl, you guard her window, you kidnap her. »

«Most of the times we solve everything in her virginal room, but you were so picky tonight. Furthermore, Maria had guests. Furthermore, yes, I also want to help you. »

«If you really want to help, try to find shelter. I am freezing! »

Delia was shivering in her thin nightgown. Her lips were growing paler at every gulf of the gentle night air.

«I think I have a remedy at hand. Here! »

And out of nowhere, the bewitched cat pulled out a large, thick coat, made with the fur of some unfortunate wild animal. Then he measured it onto Delia and with some quick movements of his fangs and claws, he reduced it to her right size and, with the remains, made a pair of cosy slippers. Delia wore it on the spot and immediately felt better.

«How did you? »

«Ah! One of my many talents! If you only knew a portion of the others. »

Said Mr Badguy with a leer glare.

«I really wonder. »

Answered Delia in the same way.

«For starter, I have a very long tail.»

«Well, but if it’s just a tail… »

«But it isn’t, my dear. It’s a massive dick. »

And in that, he threw himself on the girl, pushing Delia on a bed of soft pine needles. In a moment, her nightgown was above her head and the magic feline was licking pretty much every corner of Delia’s body.

«Stop it! Give me a moment! »

Unwillingly, the tomcat cooled down his hot spirits.

«Really, I met nuns that didn’t beat around the bush as much as you. »

«Why should I need your help? »

«Because you’re the Naughty Girl! Even if I start to doubt it. »

«Who’s the Naughty Girl? »

«YOU! »

Delia pulled down her gown, enveloped herself in her coat, and closed her legs for good. Mr Badguy sighed deeply.

«Look, there’s a prophecy. »

«A prophecy? »

«There’s a prophecy about the Ducklettes, the Tyrant in the Castle and the Naughty Girl who will come to free the Ducklettes and saves the world from the Beast. »

«It’s not the best prophecy I heard so far. »

«I never read it, personally. I know only what it talks about. The prophecy’s guardians were the Ducklettes but now the Lady keeps them in a private enclosure inside her citrus grove and nobody can talk to them anymore. So, nobody can consult the prophecy. »

«Do you think she keeps them prisoner because of the prophecy? »

«I think she keeps them prisoner because she’s a frigid bitch who hates sex, but maybe it’s also because of the prophecy. Who knows? »

«And why should I be this Naughty Girl of yours? »

«I thought it was you because of your smell. You smell like no other woman. »

«And that’s it? »

The malicious cat looked at Delia with a little disdain.

«I do trust my nose. »

Delia turned her eyes from the beast and gave a look around. Because of the lack of the moon, she could not see much apart from the closest pine trees and the pitch black sky, speckled with bright stars. In the velvety silence, a lonely owl made his call.

«So, now what? »

«Since you completely ruined the mood, I suppose we can proceed to the fairy party. »

«There’s a party? With fairies? -Delia jumped on her feet. – Let’s go! »

«Aren’t you going to ask me why? Why I want to bring you to a fairy party? »

Delia shook vigorously her head.

«It’s a party! »

Mr Badguy stood up, leaving with a sigh the bed of soft, pine needles.

«As you wish. »

He cleaned off his legs from dirt and pine needles and looked up at the giggling Delia.

«I assume you’d like to dress appropriately as well. »

«Ohh! You’re a treasure! »

With that offer, Mr Badguy finally gained a big hug and a kiss but he didn’t seem too much enthusiastic about it.

«Follow me. »

Delia walked and walked through the forest, behind Mr Badguy and, at a point, her eyes fixed on the hypnotic swinging of his long, dark tail.

«So… you said your penis is on your tail. Is it right? »

«I’ve said that my tail is a massive dick. »

Delia was perplexed. Mr Badguy stopped his march and turned towards her.

«It means I have another, regular one in the usual setting. »

«It’s a lot of dick to have. »

 «And a lot of responsibility. I’m the only real male of my people, so I get to guide them, protect them and, you know, all the commanding stuff. »

«So the others don’t get the dick on the tail? »

«Can you talk as we walk? We’re almost there. »

Delia moved beside Mr Badguy and accepted the offer to take his arm.

«See, my dear, they don’t get the regular one. »

«I see. But from what should you protect them? If they have the same claws and fangs, and muscles as you do, they are pretty badasses to me. »

«Yes, put fathers, brothers, husbands, too feminine looking guys have guns. »

«I see… »

«And you must not forget the Lady! She hates us as much as she hates the Ducklettes and poor Maria Johanna. »

«You know Maria Johanna the sorceress? »

«Rather well! See, she moves her house around once a week to avoid being discovered by the Lady. The poppy field in front her house doesn’t allow enemies getting closer, but the Lady is the Ruler. She has real power on people, on the land, even on Idol! »

«Idol it’s pretty unbearable. I met the little brat and I can see why she… »

Mr Badguy stopped walking. Delia stopped too.

«What? »

«My nose is never wrong. – He smiled, this time with his lips sealed and real warmth on his face. – Let’s got to the party! »

Laughing with pure joy, Mr Badguy took Delia in his arms, made her mount on his back, and jumped on a crazy ride through the woods. Suddenly, the night seemed to be less dark and cold to Delia. The stars up above were riding with them. The owls cried one after the other and fireflies appeared among the branches. Delia smiled to the richness of the world beyond the ear-shaped door. She felt her heart gallop and her lungs expand. There is a whole new world inside of me! There’s more than Friday nights out, more than casual encounters, more than my cosy. She thought it and had a little pain in her chest. She loved her tiny, safe home. But, alas, adventure is before me! 

Then, Mr Badguy slowed down his ride and stopped, letting her climb down the ground on her feet. In front of them, framed by two arching, white birches, there was a crimson, velvet tent. Mr Badguy walked ahead and moved one of the curtains that closed the tent to let Delia in.

«Have we arrived? »

«Almost. »

«Is my gown in there? »

«In a way… »

Delia took a deep breath. She had trusted Badguy until there, she could trust him a few more steps. Staring at him as she entered the tent, Delia walked pass the bewitched cat into the darkness. Once there, she could feel nothing. She could not feel the cold night air. She could hear steps of Badguy behind her. She could not sense her own body. She tried to call upon Mr Badguy, but could not feel her mouth. She moved her hands where her face should have been, but she didn’t feel it. She thought to be on the verge of a panic attack, but she wasn’t scared. That thought brought her great calm and, suddenly, she felt the velvet of the curtain in front of her caressing her fingertips. She pushed both the curtains away and the moonlight hit her eyes. She moved a step further and found herself on the edge of a gentle slope. Rapidly, Mr Badguy arm was around her waist.

«I wasn’t going to fall. »

«You know, what they say. Better safe than… »

Delia smiled playfully and grasped Badguy’s arm.

«Admit it, you like me. »

«It is beyond my control. – He smirked at her. – You are so well dressed! »

Delia looked at herself and saw that the furry coat had been changed into a marvellous silk gown. The corset which enveloped her bust was of black leather, decorated with silver embroidering. The silk gown, long and full behind her, was short and filled with intricate decorations of silver and pearls on the front. The gown let out her legs, wrapped in translucent white stockings and her figure was completed by a pair of white and silver shoes, which had silver bands that rose around her ankles and calves.

«My gosh, I’m gorgeous! »

«Yes, you are. And now, look at the party! »


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