II week of F.I.T. program, again

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing? I hope well. As for me, I started a new job and all my carefully planned blog schedule fell off the wagon. I missed the appointment with the Friday Delia’s post and I’m not able to predict when I am going to complete the translation of the novel or even when I’m going publish the next due chapter. All I know is that I won’t abandon any of my side projects so it will be just a matter of time and organisation. Bear with me while I pick up the pieces.

About the training, I have to say that I was able to keep my word and, after the follies of the Christmas season, here I am again, talking about getting fitter. I already started for the second time the Phase 1 of Emily Skye’s F.I.T. program, and now I am about to enter the third week. Yesterday, I could happily measure that I am back at my pre-Christmas condition and I can even see a little more muscle on my upper body. The most difficult part, now that I spend more than 6 hours out of my house for five days a week, is to keep cooking and eating in the right way. The major risk is not to eat too much or in an unhealthy way. It is right the opposite: being a control freak as I am, the risk is that, unable to properly control what I am going to eat, I’ll end up skipping meals or eating too little calories.

I think that the need to do the same things I was doing before using less time is going to drive me a little crazy in the first couple of weeks and then, as a positive result, it could help me avoiding distractions and procrastination. As to say: with too little time at my disposal I have no more minutes left to spend pointlessly browsing Facebook or diving into seas of insecurities. I’ll have to run. And so, while I am running towards the next activities of my now busy schedule, I thank you for your precious time, I ask you if you are in a similar situation right now and I’ll wish you a terrific new week.

We will for sure see in the next days in a less hurried way. I promise.


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