Waves of time: what about the look?

The last time I spoke about shaping a personal style (here), I declared my love for all the things both tough and cute. I stated that I am a cartoon lover, a rock and metal listener, a merchandising purchaser and that I feel liberated when I can dance foolishly in my house while I listen to pop music. Sometimes, I even sing under my breath while strolling about the town. I admitted to myself that I’d really like to wear bright colours, cute dresses, anime inspired shoes while writing or talking about grim tales all the day long, but… recently I started to work in a store that has its own style and while on the job I have to conform to it. Even worst, since I work there from a very short time, I still don’t have an official uniform made with clothes purchased in the store and to conform, I have to wear plain black garments.

Let me be honest, I rather like the store style, even if it’s not exactly the style I was pointing to. What is annoying me is wearing black. And so, I didn’t resist and even if I still have not received my clothing allowance, I purchased a dress from the store discount racks. It’s a nice sleeveless dress, with a pattern of blue and grey checks and that’s enough to make me breathe again. I bought it one day and wore it the next, feeling relieved by finishing my outfit with blue stockings and blue shoes. In all my life, I’ve never had such a strong reaction about the colours of what I was wearing. It was like a burden had been lifted from all my body.

The next day, though, I had to wear black again. I know, I should build my job uniform piece by piece and be more patient. It’s simply the most important lesson I should learn: be patient.

As for the makeup – at least the makeup I use at work – I reached a sort of uniform with that too. Every morning, I put on some light foundation. I thicken my eyebrows passing a small brush with a taupe eyeshadow among them. I put a light strand of blush on my upper cheeks. I underline my eye’s shape with some eyeshadow at the low exterior corner. Sometimes I put on the lips a light gloss, some other days I use a matt darker red lipstick. And that’s all. The result appears light and polished. 

Speaking about my shape, instead, I have to say that working out is changing my body in ways I didn’t completely expect. I thought I was already rather skinny, but most definitely, I am shrinking further. I can’t even predict if at the end of the process my body shape will still be the hourglass. My hips have narrowed, while my shoulders – which were already pretty bony – obviously did not, so maybe I shape wasn’t the hourglass after all. Also, the training made me lose another cup size, so that maybe in the future I won’t need a bra anymore. It is already something that I wear more as a habit and as a way to feel protected than as a real support.

Furthermore, right this morning I noticed another thing: my body is not simply shrinking, it is also hardening. I casually touched my thighs in the bathroom and I felt they were harder and firmer than I remembered. Even tough I started Emily Skye’s program to tone up, the thing surprised me. I didn’t really believe I could change my texture.

Summing up all I said before, I start thinking that this forced delay in my making over is not an all bad thing. I will have more time to evaluate what is happening to my body, what are the style needs of my day-to-day life and what I truly like. The result would be a compromise between my personal tastes, my current job’s duty and the new body shape I am moulding through my working out. As you might have noticed, I didn’t mention the age factor. I’m boldly trying to pretend society doesn’t impose age conformity.

And you? What are you compromising to conform to society/work request? Would you compromise at all or are you a fierce conformity fighter? In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time and have a most excellent stylish week.

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