Waves of time: third monthly recap

Hello, boys and girls!
So far, how is going this new year? I am not asking about the politic or humanitarian situation. I know a lot of shit is going on out there. But in your own, personal backyard, how is it going? Are you catching some thin silver lining? Are your projects coming together? Personally, when I look back I almost can’t believe how nicely things are turning around.

Two years ago, my husband and I were desperate and decided to leave Italy to have better chances. We then moved to England in May 2015 and started a new life here. In a couple of months, my husband found a good job and we felt the future could be bright again.

After one year, we were settled but I was a sort of a missing piece, in the mosaic of our reconquered serenity. I had survived the hard times, but I’ve ended up scarred. Or maybe it is better to say: I’ve ended up scared. I was scared to venture downtown alone. I was scared to talk to people, in what I thought was terrible English. I was scared to try new things. I was terrorised by the simple idea to look for a job. For months, I locked myself inside our new beautiful flat. 

My rebirth started slowly around March 2016. I went back to my blog, to writing. With the constant encouragement of my husband, I tried new things and learned a little how to draw with Illustrator. I started to regain courage. Then I discovered meditation and that helped me putting things into perspective. Finally, around my 40th birthday, I was ready to venture into the world and the post series Waves of Time began.

From that moment, changes have happened at a way faster pace. If I spent December identifying my bigger goals, January has been dedicated to mid-terms objectives. I must admit that I didn’t reach all January goals, but I am ready for new challenges, regardless.

My goals for January were:

  • complete the translation of my Italian novel
  • complete Phase 1 the second time
  • find a paid job.

I did find a paid job. I completed my second run at Phase 1 of Emily Skye’s fitness program and today I start Phase 2, but I could not complete the English translation of my novel. It wasn’t a simple matter of time. Actually, every time I sit at the desk with this task in mind, I find ways to stray from the path. I’ll have to evaluate what might be the best strategy to deal with the translation. Should I insist on completing it as soon as possible, keeping everything else on hiatus? Should I  deal with it a chapter at a time, while coming back to other projects which inspire me more?

Let’s put things in perspective writing down a list of goals for February:

  • complete Phase 2
  • sketch a book project for The Charming Cookie Jar
  • translate a chapter per week of Delia’s extravaganza.

And you? Did you already set a list of goals for this new month? Anyhow, thank for your precious time and have a great new week 🙂


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