F.I.T. program Phase 2: eating like a fool

Hi, everyone! The subtitle is because I am currently eating like ever before. I’m on the second week of Emily Sky’s Phase 2 F.I.T. program, which is focused on the lower part of the body. You’ve said it, I’m doing it to achieve toned hips, thighs and buttocks. And while I make some sacrifices, like pointing my alarm clock at 05.55 am and actually leaving the bed to work out before going to work, I achieved one of the dream more dreamt about by women: eating like a fool without putting on fat.

Ok, let’s be sincere. It’s not that I am eating whatever I want. I can’t eat biscuits or candies or whatever contains too many sugars. But I can eat protein bars which taste really good. I can eat dark chocolate. I can fill my tummy with meat, eggs and vegetables. I eat five times a day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner – and I know that if I feel a little hungry before bedtime it’s more then ok if I eat something. My aching bowls are tamed by this abundance of consistent and healthy food. I introduce less refined sugar in my body and, like a real-life magic charm, this helps me avoid sugar crisis. I don’t know if it is because I have fewer sugar ups and downs or if it is because working out makes me more sensible to insulin, but that’s it.

I know I make it look stupidly easy and it’s very easy from a certain point of view. As almost everything else in life is a matter of choices and priorities. I’m not one of those few fortunate who can, I simply decided that waking up at six and stop eating bread&pasta was ok. It depends on you. If you think that you need to sleep more or that a life without bread is meaningless, then sleep well and enjoy your meal. But, just to let you know, if you’ll come near me whining about your tummy, in my head some random Disney’s song will play over your words. Most of the times people don’t want advice, just someone standing there while they complain. And I do it. I stand there like a sleepy cat because the cat is the only cat who knows where is at…

Where was I? Yes, I was telling you about my first two weeks with F.I.T. Phase 2. 

The first thing to say: it’s tough.

The second thing I noticed is that, even though Phase 2 is more focused on the lower part of the body, my shoulder, pecs and abs continued to improve, regardless.

The third thing that happened is that the tape measure is failing me. Emily Skye recommends to ditch the scale and measure your progress by the centimetre but my waistline reached its lowest point a little below the 62 cm notch and I don’t think it could shrink any further. Almost the same happens with my hips. The most part of my body fat concentrates from the hips down to my knees. The fat decreases really slowly there, while at the same time, muscles tone up so that the measurements don’t move a bit. At this point, I can rely only on the mirror. Maybe I should start taking pictures with a tripod.

Nonetheless, I see progress and I will persevere with the F.I.T. program. I think I’m going to do a second round of Phase 2 right after this first one, and then go for two rounds consecutive of Phase 3. I’d like to tone a lot more my bum and grow a little my shoulders. If everything goes as planned, I will finish twice all the three Phases within May. Then it will be a good moment to decide if I should repeat some part of the F.I.T. program or look for a personal trainer.

And you? Have you got any fitness program going on? Are you following some course, educating or improving yourself in any way and would like to share it in the comments below? You are more than welcome to do it. In the meanwhile, thank you for your precious time! 


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