“Here comes a thought…”

Hi, guys! If you usually read this blog, you know my love for Steven Universe, and if you didn’t, now you do. Sorry, I like to start the week with irrelevant jokes. The title of this post it’s from the first verse of a song from an episode of the show, Mindful education. It’s a song about thoughts, “flexibility, love and trust”. No need to say, as everything else that sounds wise, it’s a Garnet’ song. Songs about wanting to be stronger, to fight and to overcome sadness come from Pearl.

But, why I was thinking about this particular song?

Well, yesterday I was talking to my husband about my current difficulties keeping this blog updated and having creative projects that I don’t feel like abandoning halfway, and with his disarming pragmatism, he told me that a motto like “finish what you started” is a brutal simplification. You should work on a project until it exhausts itself. Sometimes, it happens when you complete it, sometimes it happens when it’s clear it won’t ever be finished. To him, I shouldn’t feel guilty for not completing something that does not bring me joy or even a sense of accomplishment while I work on it. And I think he’s right.

Being creative should be something that helps me feel free, now that I have a job to make me feel useful to my family and money independent. But I think I also need my best friend pointing out things I can’t see by myself.

So, “here comes a thought”: for a long time, I scheduled my creative work to keep the blog updated but now I think it should be the other way around. I will schedule my creative work as it needs to be scheduled to go on nicely and I’ll use the blog to talk to the world and, when something is ready, I’ll share it here to know what you, fantastic guys and girls, think about it. Thank you for reading and liking and commenting. Thank you for your precious time. Have a wonderful week. 


4 thoughts on ““Here comes a thought…”

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  1. Hi, Nina!

    I think it’s great advise your husband gave you. I think that if we always try do finish what we have started, even if we don’t want to do it anymore, it can result that we put all our effort to “dying projects” instead of making something fresh and new. And then we linger and postpone and make excuses for not doing it and in the end we make less and we make it worse. If we don’t feel joy doing our things and feel the pressure always to finish them, it can cause that next time we don’t start something new at all.

    And about the blog updates. I also tried to post consistently, at least one post in every week. But then I started to feel the pressure and I felt that my posts were not good anymore. That’s why now if I don’t have anything to show or write, I usually don’t post. Even if that means there’s no posts in two months (I know I can lose many of my followers if doing so, but it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality). I have noticed that some pressure is good for me because it keeps me going. But I am what I am – person who has it’s cycles or waves. Sometimes I don’t read anything about three months, then I read 12 books in one month. Sometimes I don’t draw anything about two months and then I draw six month every day every hour I can. And if I try to change it and force myself to schedules and plans, then my work suffers and I suffer.

    Sorry for so long comment, but your post made me think about many things. Thank you for that. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Hanna, for your long comment 😘 I’m happy to have stimulated your thoughts 😊 My husband idea is simple: to have a good creative harvest you must seed in abundance and joy 😘😘😘

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