II week, II time, Phase 2

Since I’ve started my journey with Emily Skye’s F.I.I.T. program I’ve never shared a single picture of mine here on my blog. I just talked about measurements, feelings and general improvements. Finally, it could be the right moment to share some before and after photos. Even if I think I’ve lost the most of the centimetres in the early stages of the program, the most evident changes to my figure have happened in these last days. It is as like all the tiny differences in volumes had all add up to a general swap in my proportions just now, just above a certain amount of singularly unimportant changes.

Adolescence transformed me from a child into an hourglass shaped girl, then diet changed me into a slightly curved hourglass and now I’m probably turning into a rectangular (also known as banana) shaped woman. I’m not sure about this last change because the workout routine I’m following should help me building up again some curves later on around my bum. But for now, I must admit I am predominantly losing fat and adding very little muscle. I know this could sound of minor importance, but the way clothes fit my body is completely changed.

This is how I looked like when I started, around the second week of November 2016. I had a deeply signed waistline, round hips and a little muffin top.

Here it’s me after four months, March 2017. 

As you can see, my abs are more defined, the muffin top is gone and I’ve lost a thin slice of fat on my hips, which now are a lot less round. All my figure is thinner and the waistline is not defined as it was in the past. This is why I’m not sure I can still call myself an hourglass.

Other parts of my body had changed less than my bust, plus, I don’t think I would ever have the guts to share pics of my bum or legs, so don’t expect any.

As I told in previous posts, my plan is to follow Phase 2 to the end one second time, then pass to Phase 3 and do it twice as well. What will be of my body, then? I don’t know. It will be fun to discover it as my work proceed. It will be even funnier to discover how my mind will change with it. Currently, I don’t crave sugar and carbohydrates as in the past. For my first two weeks on the F.I.I.T. I craved those foods so much that I dreamed about them almost every night. Then I stopped and now I crave meat, eggs and bananas. I also feel more energetic throughout the entire day and – ladies, pay attention – wearing heels has become easier since I’ve started exercising my legs and bottom with more intensity. I also feel more confident wearing different styles of clothes and less fatigued at the end of the day, even when I’m really tired.

Does it make sense? I’m not sure, but I’m amused. So, sorry for the nudity folks, thanks for your precious time and see you later!


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