The simple story of a woman, a man, and a cat. Chapter 1

I want to write a simple story in a simple way.  In this story, there are a woman, a man, and a cat. The story is similar to mine, but it’s not exactly my story so please, don’t get distracted trying to figure out what is real and what is fictional. Stick to the story, it’s really easy to follow.

At the beginning, there is the cat. It’s a black cat.

The cat is walking slowly from the bathroom, where he has just done his business in the most feline and educated way, to his favorite spot for the afternoon nap. Along the way, he finds an annoying squishy obstacle lying on the fluffy, creamy carpet but, since he’s a very feline and educated cat, he manages to partially avoid it, partially walking over it. The obstacle grunts, moans, and moves.

“Stop walking over me!”

The cat continues on his way unmoved by the woman’s complaint. He doesn’t even turn to look behind his shoulders. If she doesn’t like to be walked over, she could simply don’t lie on the ground, he seems to tell himself.

When the husband comes home a couple of hours later, the woman is still there. Arms and legs are spread out between the sofa and the media’ station. The TV is off. The game console is off. The PC is off. His wife is off.

“Hi! How was your day?”

The woman moans and collects her arms and legs in a seated position.

“I didn’t do a thing.”

“That’s good! – Says the man, trying to sound sincere – At least you rested.”

“Not really. I feel stiff and tired.”

The man walks to the bedroom, takes off his rucksack, his jersey and walks back in the living room.

“I backed the bread, though, and put the chicken in the fridge to marinate. Dinner will be served in half an hour.”

She finally raises on her feet, wrapped in black as the rest of her body, and closes herself in the kitchen.


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