Let the stuff be and discard the habit…

Or a discarded and reprised post about minimalism and personal uniform.


Like the healing process of my scalded hand, I’m almost there, but not there yet.

The fasting from clothes shopping I’m forcing on myself is a sharpening tool.

Literally, it means that some weeks ago I found myself in a mood prone to the action of discarding things, specifically clothes, once more. I took the time to examine what I was feeling before taking any action and, while I was still looking at the inside of my wardrobe, I understood that the intention that had led me to those wardrobe doors was built on a flawed principle.

Does it make any more sense? Not much? Well, let me expand.

Months ago, in a post published here, I wrote about my three folded plan to build the minimalistic wardrobe right for me.

My basic rules for the new wardrobe were:

  • to have all black bottoms
  • to go on with what I already have until January 2019
  • make an exception for what I am obliged to buy as my job uniform

And they are still valid. I consider each of these points reasonable, and generally wise. I wanted to improve this plan, though, and in the exact instant I decided to add some other rules, I discovered the fallacy of my point of view.

I still wanted a nice wardrobe. I still wanted variety. I still wanted to show all the different qualities of my body appearance through my clothes. What is wrong with that? Nothing. But I don’t think this is what minimalism and the concept of personal uniform are about.

The main reason why I choose to explore minimalism was to declutter my home.

The main reason why I want to establish a personal uniform is to simplify my life.

But I still had complicated desires. I wanted to look good, to have good quality clothes, to have variety, to have perfectly matching clothes, to express a peculiar style, to be able to impress… I wanted too many things and none of those things was really compatible with the core concept of the personal uniform: something decent that you can wear every single day and for any occasion.

Your personal uniform is an outfit that you put together without thinking, without depleting your willpower. Something that you wear just to cover your body. It can be something that tells in a dray way what you are. For example: wearing a skirt because you want to make visible that you are a woman (who adheres to her gender conformity).

More than that I think it’s too much.

The sentence right above marks the moment I abandoned this post for weeks. I started this post in a moment where I was rather active in my search for more simplicity in my wardrobe and in my life, driven by the thought: I want a solution NOW! 

That demanding attitude faded away once I realized that hastiness wasn’t the right approach to the issue and so the post went forgotten for a while.  I now think that these moments of maniac search for a solution for theoretic problems is part of my personal struggle with a post-modern, consumistic lifestyle. Part of the real solution, for me, is to simply let go of the entire, supposed “problem” in all its vacuity.

Enche the title: “let the stuff be and discard the habit”.

The habit I want to discard is the habit of looking for a solution, doing it without even analyzing the merit of the problem, doing it in a hasty, thoughtless way. I want to stop looking for a solution like I will scratch an itch because that is part of the real problem: compulsive re-action.

Going back to the practical, I would say mundane, issue of the personal uniform, which was my starting point, I think that is the result of a process of growth and self-discovery, and the process itself will be the treasure. To me, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the walk along the rainbow, but this will be the matter for a new post.

Please, forgive my preachy style, have a great week and thank you for your precious time. 


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