MORNING THOUGHTS #2: 21/08/2017

I’m sharing this diary entry from almost one year ago, asking if someone can relate. 

I spent the day reading Goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki and going through my things, deciding what to keep and what to let go.

It appears that every time I look at a drawer or at an item I see it differently and, that if the first time I decided to spare it, the second time I do it I will probably end up discarding the thing or emptying the drawer.

The books that I really want to keep become fewer every time I look at the bookcase. The pens I think I’m going to use have reduced to become just one three colours pen and a highlighter set my mother-in-law gave to me.

I want to see more empty spaces but it seems I’m not able to discard enough. Furthermore, my husband is almost unable to discard things at all. And, even more absurd, we live in a flat that our landlady filled with her own personal objects. When we came here, we simply pushed her belongings inside cupboards and baskets to make some space to ours, and now that I am discarding my things, I am simply leaving more space to hers and my husband’s.

Am I becoming stronger or am I simply shrinking?

3 thoughts on “MORNING THOUGHTS #2: 21/08/2017

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  1. I’m in the midst of moving from one country to another, and just last weekend, had the movers and packers over. I realised that the only things I was taking were books, a bookshelf, a poster with a quote by a spiritual leader, a chair and some coffee mugs. I realised these things were pretty much the essence of me.

    So no, I don’t think you’re shrinking. It’s more like ‘fine tuning’ and knowing yourself better. 🙂

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