Looking for a den

I'm glad this blog is not very popular, but many thanks to the sweet people who took their time to read my last entry. Double thanks for the likes, and my kisses to whom commented. I really appreciated it. I am glad that this blog is not very popular because at this moment in time... Continue Reading →

Every time I don’t post.

Sometimes I think I should work again at my blog. Then, just before I start to think about what to write, a little voice screams in the back of my head: you need a picture! What? I replay. You need a picture, a featured image to put at the top of the post, something for... Continue Reading →

MORNING THOUGHTS #3: unrecognizable

Yesterday was a day off from work and so, after completing my to-do list for the day - which I finished later than I had planned but better than I expected (because I expected not to complete it) - I enrolled Might Could Studios course on sketch booking. Like if I was one of those drawing... Continue Reading →

MORNING THOUGHTS #2: 21/08/2017

I'm sharing this diary entry from almost one year ago, asking if someone can relate.  I spent the day reading Goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki and going through my things, deciding what to keep and what to let go. It appears that every time I look at a drawer or at an item I see it... Continue Reading →

Morning thoughts #1: serenity seeker

When I act intentionally, with purpose, confusion drifts away and I feel calm and righteous. Confusion, though, is attractive and sometimes I feel it’s the only emotional state I can have. The seldom moments of serenity I experience from time to time prove me that it’s not true, but I have to find ways to trigger... Continue Reading →

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