Re-set from black

Hi guys, how do you reset yourself for a clean start? To me, is all about drastic, simple decision. But let me start with a detour. Because. Some people - not many to be honest - but some people ask me: "Waking up at 05.00 am. What for?" Well. On a common day, when I... Continue Reading →

On this day

Hello, people! How are you? I'm rather fine, thanks, even if I've been silent here for a while and I'm not sure if this post means that I'm coming back for good. But on this moment of the year falls the anniversary of my move to the UK and it incites some reflections. On this... Continue Reading →

Waves of time: To be a little woman

Hi, guys and girls! I don't know your measurements but I know quite too well mines: I am 156 cm tall and 89 cm wide at my widest point, around my hips. I've always been the shortest girl in the classroom, since my first day at Kindergarten. But along the words of the most famous... Continue Reading →

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