The simple story of a woman, a man, and a cat. Chapter 1

I want to write a simple story in a simple way.  In this story, there are a woman, a man, and a cat. The story is similar to mine, but it's not exactly my story so please, don't get distracted trying to figure out what is real and what is fictional. Stick to the story, it's really... Continue Reading →

The man at the door

WORK IN PROGRESS... You know, there was a bug in his ear. It was a sentence his wife had spoken a few minutes before. He was on the door. He had his new hat in his hand, his favorite trousers around his loins. He was ready to go outside and spend the night as he... Continue Reading →

Note about the Hades

Note: Reading again the short tale I posted on Monday (Ain’t no wise girl) I found it rather embarrassing but, at the same it, I feel it could be a nice frame for a collection of twisted, wicked, dreamlike tales. What do you think? Here is an abstract, a thought of the main character. I... Continue Reading →

Ain’t no wise girl

Note: usually, every Monday I post a piece about self-improving, but the other night I had a dream I could not let go off and this short story came out from it so naturally that I had to write it down and share it. "Look away, look away! Look, away, look away..." She kept saying... Continue Reading →

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