25. To be like you, to do as you do

Note to The Roaming Witch fans: I am afraid to inform you that this series of posts will go on hiatus until the English translation of "La Follia di Delia" is done. I promise I will come back to this story the next spring and finish it. Until then, this is going to be the... Continue Reading →

24. Siren’s song

The cruise ship was crowded and the woman could barely hear the man speaking to her from the other end of the phone line, and of the world. The time zone was opposite the one back in Italy and, as always along those trips, everyone had chosen to be on the phone with their family at the... Continue Reading →

23. A witch’s treasure

Many many years ago, inside a stone shack, there were a miserable farm worker, a young penniless doctor and a feverish girl with no family nor name. The two young men were fighting over morals. The girl was fighting for her life. Blinded by a hunger as old as the world, the hunger for gold,... Continue Reading →

22. Alone, not alone

Sandra was alone in the middle of the kitchen that for more than fifty years had been the reign of her mother. Two days had passed from the moment she had entered that house knowing in her heart that her mother had passed. Since that day, she had not left. The phone rang. Sandra moved to... Continue Reading →

21. Snow White and her dwarfs.

When Nadia opened her eyes she found herself in a hospital room. It was night and all the lights were out but for the green light of a screen which was monitoring her heartbeat. She tried to move but could lift her chest only a little. Her wrists had been tied to the bed armrests.... Continue Reading →

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