20. Within the clouds

"What do you think, Nadia?" No one answered. Peter was still laughing, and Sandra turned to the back seat to see her niece reaction at the joke of the guy. The three of them had met by chance the early afternoon and were driving in the sun, from the woods of San Martino alla Riva to... Continue Reading →

19. Under a pale moon

Nadia pulled back her head from the window to speak again to Peter but him, her aunt Sandra and the entire car had disappeared. Nadia was no longer seated in the back of the doctor old automobile on a sunny afternoon. She was in the middle of a forest, alone, and it was getting darker.... Continue Reading →

18. After

The young doctor took a deep breath, placed his jacket on the hallway floor, removed his shoes and entered the kitchen. He didn't have much hope, but it was his duty to, at least, confirm the death of the lady he had come from the city to surveil. Sandra's husband was at the door, one hand... Continue Reading →

17. The moment you don’t want to live

David was riding his mother's bicycle from the hospice to the town centre, his doctor bag in the white wicker basket at the front, his mood well below the street level. It was half past noon, and he was sweaty and increasingly hungry. His mother's ride was an old lady bike, heavy as a transatlantic and fast... Continue Reading →

16. Wild rose

Alongside a country road, a young man in an old car looked at Nadia and her aunt walking in the woods nearby. He was not there to spy on them, but he followed them with his eyes along their path. His name was Pietro, but everyone used to call him Peter, even his mother. First,... Continue Reading →

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